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  1. Can definitely relate. Recently (in my third year) what has happened earlier in the day has started to merge completely with yesterday for me. My recovery has been slow, but linear, so it's depressing to see that I'm seemingly declining cognitively as of late. What you said about losing sense of direction etc was very prevalent for me in the beginning. It has improved though. It's a typical symptom of a rekt hippocampus.
  2. Hi Quick backstory: I'm not an avid drug user. My HPPD/Issues started after the first and only time I tried MDMA. I redosed multiple times and drank heavily the day of dosing and the day after. This was two and a half years ago and I've suffered since then. I have never experienced anything remotely like my symptoms, but I think I should mention that I've experienced migraines with aura about 15 times over the course of 15 years. For the last two and a half years I've had prolonged periods of feeling very good, but recently I've been back in a rut. I'm experiencing moderate to debili
  3. I tolerate alcohol in moderation Benzos are well tolerated What about opiates? Very interested in experiences here
  4. Thank you guys, I greatly appreciate your posts. I live in Norway, and I'm employed by the municipality so the chance of actually losing my job because of a sick leave is slim. The chance of me having to quit it though, is a bit higher. I might go with a shorter sick-leave as you suggest, but I must also consider the stress of actually being home from work. I would feel like shit and maybe I wouldn't be able to let go and relax completely. For the coming weeks I will cut out most social activities even though that might sound like the wrong thing to do. I will up my meditation as it
  5. Thank you man. For around 9-10 months I felt as if I was on a stimulant 24/7, even while sleeping. Still, my condition was very very good from around month 7-9. Now it seems the hand-brake is pulled as you say, though sleep itself is still sub-par. Is this curve a one-time thing, or could it continue to fluctuate back and forth between over stimulation and fatigue? I found that Swedish page you linked helpful as well. Do you have any more information about this? I can read Swedish if that's needed. I'd like to learn everything about how the process is thought to work from the alarm ph
  6. Sorry for hijacking the thread, but I found the one chart that was linked very interesting. After 10 months of suffering, though without fatigue as a symptom at all, I suddenly started getting pretty severe fatigue. I've now been suffering from this for about a month, and it seems to be slowly improving. Can this be explained in terms of stress-response?
  7. Thanks guys. But do you think it could be detrimental to keep working? I mean, could I hinder recovery to a permanent degree? I feel a little better today, and maybe this is just a long ass setback in recovery. I don't want to stop working at all, but I do really suffer much more because of it.
  8. Hi I'll give you the cliffs of my story real quick: Did MDMA once, combined with alcohol and it ruined my brain. For a little over 11 months I've suffered from, and continue to suffer from: Anxiety (Recovered, at least it seems like it) Depression DP/DR HPPD Insomnia Dizzyness Headaches Mild bruxism, though horrible tension headaches Food intolerances Bad IBS An array of cognitive impairments Indescribable suffering ??? etc Now, my question is whether working in this condition could actually be detrimental to my recovery? I had a long summer break, 7 weeks, during which I felt
  9. Hi I've used MDMA one time in my life, and since then I've had a big cluster of symptoms, including anxiety, dp/dr, insomnia, depression, mild HPPD (blue dots, floaters, hard to see images on pc/cell phone in 3d). I've recovered greatly over the past 11 months, but I seem to have grown intolerant to alcohol. During earlier parts of this condition I don't think I was intolerant, but I stayed away from it because I thought it would be detrimental to my recovery. Now when I drink I just feel physically bad, headache, tenseness in face, spacey feeling, increased DP, etc. I've also noticed
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