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  1. That's interesting, sorry to hear that since Phenibut is working s treat for me. Having been on lexapro + Phenibut I recently my anxiety is being managed sososo well, with all my visual little things barely even there anymore.
  2. Are you sure they were withdrawals?! I am so very certain phenibut (if u were taking a gram) does not have a half life that long to do so... What did you experience?
  3. Yea it blew my tinnitus up for the next few days, also was one of those people where I could fall asleep on it after 5 hrs... Didn't work for me. HPPD wise I think the snow got slightly worst for a few days, not permanently. Overrated study drug imo
  4. damn bummer to hear. I've spoken to various neurologists about drug induced visual snow and all have had different responses / spoken about different groups of people who've had it. They all think perception/anxiety plays a significant factor in it. More common than people think. Yeah after a year I started settling in back into MDMA every now and then after I gave in to my groups fanatics, no increase etc... moved to the UK and did it a few times and began noticing increased symptoms last for a few days or so. Will try to restrain - since rent prices here are fucked up I don't think it'll be
  5. ^^^^^ jay is your visual snow in daylight as well? I only get it in the dark with occasional swirls and streaks - can confirm mdma use has worsened it, recently since dabbling in a bit a few times in 10 months. The more I think about it the worse it gets as well - learning to phase it out accept it and ignore it (when its possible) is when I start to notice after a few months that it has *so very slowly* reduced
  6. its been a while so hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone's had any experiences with Phenibut? Ive been dabbling in it every now and then, and it's worked quite nicely in regards to anxiety. I take it once every two weeks before work and sometimes before social events. Hasn't improved nor worsened my symptoms but I can recommend this as an occasional supplement to those who's symptoms worsen with alcohol during such events. And great for sleep. PS - update on recovery - I am nearly two years in with very minor improvements, however mine is so mild that my visuals (static and swirls) only oc
  7. ^^^^ agreed. I've been on an SNRI for more than a year now, and it has helped my anxiety significantly. So much so that I believe these visual "abnormalities" we have are something that can be filtered out if our anxiety is treated correctly.
  8. Can everyone here stop self-medicating themselves and stop giving medical advice (to stop or to keep continuing medication) when you have no qualifications in medicine? I don't get it - you should only be informing people of your experiences with different medication, not asking or giving advice on these things... That should only be between the patient and the doctor(s). Gman, sorry to hear you had a rough few days on keppra.
  9. I've taken both dexamphetamines and modafinil without any increase of my symptoms, apart from when I've taken 15mg of dex in a day - all it made me was my visual symptoms more noticeable for 4-6 hours
  10. Hey guys, I've been on here for nearly a year now and I'm starting to question whether or not I had "HPPD" or just drug-induced visual anomalities (being occasional after images, persistent visual snow and shocking night vision). I had awful substance abuse anxiety after an 8 month abuse of XTC, which subsided after 6 months of CBT and antidepressant treatment. As my anxiety was reduced, so did the intensity/noticAbility of my visual symptoms. Not once have I ever felt like I've been "tripping". I know this is a sensitive topic for some, but recently I have been getting back into XTC/dextroa
  11. sorry mate but that is regarded as self-medication. Drinking to alleviate symptoms can lead to a road of dependence and addiction, drinking should be something to enjoy without needing a solution to remove negative symptoms. Do not replace meds with alcohol. drinking in small quantities infrequently is obviously encouraged, but theres a reason why people with drug abuse issues (many people on this HPPD a forum for example, me being one of them) are told by doctors to avoid alcohol. Because they can't be trusted.
  12. drinking alone is the stupidest thing to tell an adolescent to do
  13. ^^^^^ jay, i don't believe caffeine plays as big a role as people thinks it does unless your anxiety is ALREADY an issue - and when it affects your sleep. i couldn't drink coffee for 3 months whenthinking about HPPD played a huge role in my anxiety - stirred up visuals and everything. the moment i learnt CBT and to manage my anxiety, so did the HPPD. unless it is blown way out of proportion (as i believe many people on this site think it is), it is largely psychosomatic. I now have two strong cups of coffee every day after learning to manage my anxiety, i look forward to them every day whi
  14. Yeah chiggs I'm exactly the same, I got the after images of my lecturers last year that were noticeable but not concerning... My neurologist said that it's a natural phenomenon and anxiety/stress brings it up. The moment I stopped looking for them, the better they got.
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