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  1. Yea I’ve taken benzos before but not nearly enough to cause memory issues. The memory issues are related to HPPD/depersonalization but yea even if it’s still there, I don’t care because I’m not being negatively affected by it to the point where my life sucks. As long as my anxiety is gone, I’m content
  2. So it has been a long time since I’ve posted here. I think it was around August of this year where I just woke up one day and my depression and anxiety issues just vanished. For the first time in 6 years I have finally been feeling at peace for the last 4 months. While my memory is still kinda bad and I am not fully connected to reality, it still feels great to have the constant anxiety completely gone. Many of my other symptoms have noticeably reduced. I am finally able to enjoy smoking weed again but I make sure to only smoke indica and still only smoke around once a month at the most rather
  3. Yea being emotionless is better than anxiety and sadness tbh.
  4. So I have high doubts that this disease will ever go away but at the same time, I don’t want it to. I’m so used to having my brain automatically shut off when something bad happens that I don’t remember what “normal” feels like anymore. Depersonalization sucks most of the time but honestly, whenever my mind leaves its depersonalized state, it feels weird. It’s as if my mind hates not having that numb, emotionless feeling 24/7. Numbness is more relaxing than being sad or angry or overly excited. I’ve come to realize over these past 4 1/2 years that depersonalization protects us from negative em
  5. I was just driving down Pacific Coast Highway and then suddenly a dp moment hit me so severe that it almost felt unsafe to drive. My brain completely disconnected from my body while I'm driving 60+ mph and it was super super hard to not space out. Anybody else drive with DP ?
  6. Well I meant that most of my symptoms are gone but the ones that are still there seem to be getting worse :/ ! Plus, I'm fine now but I actually posted this the day after I smoked a shit ton of weed and I was feeling super depressed because I smoked too much. I'm fine with smoking weed once or twice a month. I've actually been better off smoking once a month than just being completely sober.
  7. My symptoms only seem to be getting worse and worse Next time my friends see me, I'll probably be in the back of a hearse
  8. Wow it has been a while and the site has been dead ! So for the past (almost) four months, my HPPD has drastically declined. I noticed how much my HPPD had been reduced after taking Hydroxyzine a few times. Only noticeable symptoms are walls and the floor appearing to breathe or melt when I have my eyes fixed on something. I just gotta keep my eyes constantly moving. While driving, if I just keep my eyes fixed on the road, the road will start twisting around and breathing so I have to always be looking around at all of my surroundings. I started learning how to drive a couple months ago an
  9. best way to lessen the anxiety : stop giving a shit

  10. I took it like 3 times before posting this, then again about a month ago. My HPPD is like 95% gone. Idk if the hydroxyzine had anything to do with it though but it went away like right after my 4th time taking it
  11. 200-300 isn't much but EVERY NIGHT ?! Jesus Christ I used to do like 400mg and most recently, 550mg but only every once in a while
  12. I was wondering if anyone has tried hydroxyzine ? I might get myself prescribed this in the future when I'm 18 as I heard it helps a lot with anxiety
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