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Starting a youtube channel for HPPDonline


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Hey Merkan!


It sounds good..


What type of videos were you looking at shareing?

Would you be intrested in members / sufferers who are intrested to share there storys and journey with hppd on the HPPD U tube channel?


Why not.. i would do it, id be transperent and share my story.. maybe it would get the intrest of compassionate people who want to help.


maybe we could link the videos to:




and raise money for some treatment / reaserch etc etc


What are your thaughts ?



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Jimmy if your "old" you can, you can. Other is that you don't want.

Jesus Christ, I think HPPD lobotomize people. Don't leave limitate you, try to all things that you can and see what happenee. In our past lives was the same, nothing is sure.

Missjess has gone to Brazil and she is from Australia, and she suffer dp/dr for 7 years.

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I'm up for it... As I have said a few times, I have the equipment and know how to make a broadcast quality production.


Location has always been an issue, when I lived in Portugal... But maybe now I am back in UK, we can try to get this moving again?


People can upload videos like Jess did and get a message across, no matter what it is filmed on, it really helps


But I would love, at some point, to do a proper documentary about this. With a story arc, doctor's input etc

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alright.. this is really cool


we could even do a header befor each video.. explaing briefly about hppd or whatever.. maybe some music


we should just get in the game.. produce something anything make a start..


oh the camera loves me lol... haha im doing video anyhow for my other business / promotions..


Remember guys,, everything is hard before it becomes easy. with a little pracitce it will become natrual, and Steven Spillberg will want you hehe


Just imagine.. we may really create some change "out there" people may emphasize... there are billions of people on the plannet.. we could do it with the intent to use some of the videos for www.gofundme.com    later


oh yeah lets do this.... :)

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ok awesome Jay!!!


Comon lets goooo !!!


i have some unbelievlbe stoys to share, stuff that would asonish people n make them cry...


im really looking forward to shareing... in detail..


I will disguse myself tp protect my identity


I will re- do my video very soon..


who will host this channel  ?

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I'm happy to set up the channel and edit each video to have the intro and link to the forum (plus edit the sound, if needed).


It will have to wait for a week until I return from Portugal.


At that point, I will setup a shared folder on my dropbox account for people to upload their videos. If you are shooting on a phone, please film in portrait mode (phone on it's side).

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The best quality to cost is the blackmagic pocket cinema camera..... I think they are around 400 euros with lens, battery and sd.


This camera has a great image, 100% professional. The user "mg" just bought one too


When I have some more time later today, I will list a few nice, budget cameras.

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