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  1. Hah. Yea im awake again. Slept 2 hours. Time to overthink my life again.
  2. no then i just crash, TC gives me a little less dp,dr and energie. I dont take more as i like my afternoon nap
  3. Thats no life man. Force your self todo something which you like but you dont do because of your anxiety. Dont Let it win. Im doing almost everything except flying or driving long distances in a car.
  4. I feel energie when I take 2 at 8 am. Then at 1 oclock I crash HARD.
  5. Jup into the train Come to Holland and I Will hand you some benzos
  6. if you ever tasted benzo's im not sure buspirone will work, it probably wouldnt for me, un less someone tells me hppd only goes away when your quit them, so you can heal.. i still think i can heal while being on benzo's. While there is a little voice in me is telling, dude you are screwed, you have a life sentence. I would quit the benzo's and go for buspirone, as an alternative for a benzo. Its going to be hard
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