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anyone else have it from being dosed?

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yes, unfortunately, it is. i was going to visit my boyfriend early in the morning to make breakfast with him. i had left my orange juice in his fridge over night in a thermis, so i finished it. even after he saw me drink it he didn't tell me he put something in there so i could have at least mentally prepared for it. turns out it was some reeeaallly bad acid.. :'( it's not fair but what can i do now? i'm a good person that didn't deserve this

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None of us deserved this, but that unfortunatly is besides the point. Yeah, I willingly took shrooms once with all my friends, me to discover and explore new facets of human conscience, they: to get fucked up. After it I was and thrown into a world where things breath and flicker. where I have felt gravity shift and the room tumble violently down hills, where I doubt existence daily, and my own screwed up perception feels like its in a little box, the only thing I have in this world. My time after this happening a dark fog, where things I have done feel like a dream if I can remember them at all. Before, I could smoke with my friends have a good time laugh, eat, take the normal facets of life inside a world for granted, I had normal concerns, normal troubles, normal happiness, normal pain. Now I can never smoke when I do I pay for it for weeks afterwards, every piece of enjoyment in my life is a struggle, and I savior it with all the gusto of a homeless man given a warm meal. I don't care for normal concerns or my normal troubles anymore, this is a big problem. I wish I could escape, I wish I could exit back out the rabbit hole, to the world I left, but even this wish is a harm when the hole is non existent. The only way to some sort of semblance of a normal life is acceptance, as perverse and disgusting as just sitting there and taking it is, it is unfortunatly necessary. I have done it and am enjoying my panic attack free baseline anxiety without medication because of those things.

You cannot control the future, the hand you are dealt, it is your job as a human to make the best of the cards you have.

Do I diserve this? When I know people that that have went consectutive days of Shrooms, 2ci, alcohol, molly, exstacy, acid without a mere tint of afterimages or visual snow. Who does drugs for all the wrong reasons. No. But unfortunatly the world does not work like that, and I would not wish the hell I have went through on anyone.

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When i bombed 350mg of powder MDMA I knew something was wrong on the comeup, I just didn't know how wrong it was. The roll was very intense and to be honest not even enjoyable. The next day felt like the usual hangover from rolling. Then the next week it began. The dream like state, noticing the visuals, etc.

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On 4/18/2011 at 2:50 AM, joe said:

is that what happen to you?

Hey Joe.. it's me. long time no talk. i've been wanting to talk. if you get this can you please give me a call? if you don't have my number can i have yours?

both of your numbers i have in my phone of you are invalid:(



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11 hours ago, iwasnineteen2 said:

ya, i "got over it" and started feeling super normal after 1.5 years of hppd, but recently something crazy happened and i was insanly high stress for 2 months straight, and now idk if my hppd symptoms are back or it's ptsd from what was happening to me. but every min is hell. i was so good and so happy for so long!


Yah that sounds really difficult, especially after such a long interim. Its really hard to say what it could be, but large amounts of stress and emotion can definitely be hard on the neurons themselves, exhibiting like symptoms or causing reoccurrence thereof. That's one of the things about HPPD, is that normal life becomes much more difficult to deal with when things are hectic, its really a struggle for sure.

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