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  1. Yeah its stupid expensive, maybe if they approve it for other uses or something else comes along on as an inverse agonist on the 5ht2a receptor is approved for something else, til then, its the only one out there like it as far as I know.
  2. Has anyone had sinus problems? Vertigo? Vestibular issues?
  3. joe


    oh, i thought you meant the drug, yeah, that shit's insane
  4. Haven't been here in a long time, just browsing and thought I would throw something out there that kind of comes up every now and then but should probably be elaborated on some more. At least in my case, I also had vestibular issues along with HPPD. It comes up on here every now and then from someone and I'm pretty sure David has said HPPD people show vestibular dysfunction, not that I'm trying to use him to advocate a point I'm just pretty sure without going and looking back, shit it even says it in wikipedia. I had to go through vestibular rehab awhile back and I figured I might elab
  5. not trying to be a smartass but why don't you look up sarcosine buy if your in the uk, you should have different links
  6. A lot of these bodybuilding supplements, including the one the sold at walmart are saturated with amino acids and the like that should be very beneficial for HPPD. I'm not kidding. Just look up the ingredients in them. The only problem though is that you get everything else with them, including the creatine and the like. The one that the schizo people were testifying to was Testforce2? That one in particular had Sarcosine in it. I was taking the bodyfortress from walmart and can for sure tell a difference. However the side effects from the other ingredients are rather nasty after a bit.
  7. don't take body building supplements with it, all I'm going to say, it won't clear out your system
  8. sarcosine isn't too expensive, might want to give it a go before you got to go to doc to get it at ten times the price
  9. it depends what they put with the whey protein. Alot of them have additives that effect neurotransmitters and can be pretty beneficial but you might want to be mindful of yourself if you start seeing a lot of weird side effects. Also, if you start taking it don't just stop abrubtly, your body won't like it. look up whey protein dangers
  10. yes, sarcosine is suppose to be exponentially more effective verses heaping spoonfuls of glycine.
  11. I've seen d-serine in the supplement stores I know. Apparently it's not the reuptake inhibitor but it's not far off. If you just look up glycine reuptake inhibitor all these papers have been written, it's the new target and it seems to be pretty effective, who knows how well for HPPD though, I guess sarcosine is coming out as drugname RG1678.
  12. Glycine is one of the new drug targets for a schizo med coming out probably sometime next year. The thing about it from what I gathered, is that it's basically a repackaging of a supplement they for the most part took off the market called Sarcosine. It's been shown to be a glycine reuptake inhibitor. If you go through the schizo forums everybody seemed to get a substantial benefit from Sarcosine on all fronts(positive and negative symptoms) and seemed pissed they were taking it off the shelves. You can't get it at the store but it seems to still be available online a couple of places. I
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