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Scripps scientists in Jupiter were also recently awarded an $8.4 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) which will provide five years of funding to develop new compounds to help prevent relapse in tobacco smokers that try to quit the habit.

What about HPPD?!


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People don't care about some dbag teen who took too much acid. Like i said earlier the Batman colorado killer was awarded a NIH grant, 1 of 6. The NIH should have sent the $ our way.

Listen if 50 million people came down HPPD, every drug company would have 2 new treatments. It's like owning a Jaguar here in the usa, not many people have 'em, and they are harder and more expensive to fix. Right now our brains are like some crappy foreign car............................................................................................ spending most of our time broke-down at the shop. You know that most of the violence caused by prescription drugs comes from people who take Chantix (a smoking cessation drug). lol it's true

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What mgrade said is sad, but true.

Thankfully, our symptoms seem to be eased by some anxiety meds and epilepsy meds.... Two very profitable illnesses. Billions will be spent on R&D in that area, and we can hold out hope that whatever they discover has the potential to help HPPD.

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As Jay say, we can hope to get the crumbs that fall of the table and hope it helps. I would say that Sinemet, Clonazepam and Keppra are those types of crumbs. There wont be a designed drug for HPPD, however it might be so that HPPD will be clustered with other, similar diseases and helpful treatment is derived from it. That is what i think, that or something Dr. Abraham:ish (who could see that COMT hypothesis coming?)

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Just thought I would chime in- read an article the other day about two local brothers who came down with very rare progressive disease. They both studied medicine and and basically diagnose themselves. They're trying to develop and treat it for themselves and others in a similar position.

Torwards the end though the article talks about medical companies now looking more into these rare illnesses. Mostly because alot of times the research, testing, and product development is already begun and they only need to fund the drug. They don't have to waste time and money on r&d so their ROI isn't substantial and they still make a good profit.


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Scripps is pretty top notch. Actually, there's been quite a rise in the use of psychedelics in the last year of too and also exctasy. The might not turn you down if you email them several nice cohesive letters. Plus the money is coming from the NIH. They would probably use it as a cautionary tale. Something to inform others about. Just being honest with you. They might not be able to completely "heal" you but you might get some real answers and further the whole HPPD project. I think I looked at them a couple of years ago browsing and there was a guy there that specialized in visual pathways and such. Nothing to lose.

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Honestly, you might want to contact the National Inistitute of Mental Health since HPPD is classified as that. I looked at the sight and the term doesn't even come up on the page search for anything. They've got all the resources in the world and do tons of studies. I'm telling you, with the rise in hallucinogen use of late and just neuroscience in general they is probably someone that would be interested.

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