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  1. Na man meat is fine. I can do steaks chiken pork ribs. I used to hate it but keto made me like it. I hate fish but il try more chicken
  2. Il try it again then. The problem is I hate eggs. I hate meat but iv grown to like it. Any chance you could write me a little menu merkan. Like what would be suitable? Maybe 2 or 3 days worth to give me an idea. Of say sticking to 30 g of carbs.
  3. That sounds sooo. Sooo dodgy. Funny enough the fiest day I got hppd I didnt know whst it was...so I was gunna take more ketamine to try and come down again properly
  4. Why are u still taking drugs u fucking nutter
  5. il start researching. Also after countless ocd and fear of earing threads noone suggested lay off the cheese? Iv been eating like 1/2 a kilo a day of that shit. No wonder I cant see jack shit. Im gunna cut out cheese for a week. Guarantee il improve no wonder I used to feel anxious after eating pizza and stuff...all that cheese
  6. Alright excellent man as peeviously mention im a drum n bass bmw and bmx guru...this medical stuff is a mystery. Your saying we know what aggrivates post hallucinogen visuals so we could find the opposite? Wait....cheese has calcium in it...i eat shit loads of cheese...particularly over the past few weeks....and iv worsened soooo much. Maybe calcium is fucking me up? Ie calcium is bad for hppd? I could live without cheese
  7. Your going to be a great edition to this site. How do we kick things off?
  8. This would fall into my original theory our brains are saturated with drugs and shit. The crap went in and didnt get out properly
  9. Considering 2cb gave me hppd..i wouldnt fucking do it
  10. I did 2 weeks, felt anxious and manic with morbid thoughts. Im now up to around 70 carbs a day
  11. Thats 100% normal for non hppders. It happens when its hot. Its like a heat haze and you see pools...it happens alot in the usa in arizona and stuff....youtube videos or pics of roads in arizona...youl see it
  12. Dri? U really got be simple with me. Im very much retarded with all this. Wanna speak about bmw engines? Im gold. medical terms? Im not good atal. I used to be on prozac and it made me feel shiiit. Also hearing it worsens visuals. Maybe tiny amounts of ssris and more dopamine?. Also heard cocaine doesnt effect hppd
  13. Jees. Well I hope your right man. I just dunno how bad this can get. Im off to the doctor on wednesday, im gettin valium or something...just to kill panic attacks and aid sleep. Iv promised I wont try keppra or sinimet for atleast a yevr
  14. Have any of u guys, visual in particular thought about applying for the grant? I would fully support that movement
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