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  1. #thefastestscriptinglanguageisyournativebbhmskskbr @linkedin.... ombligo!! love to hate sounding oversaid, overdone and totally careless about it. The truth is always there before you in front of your eyes, giving you a rhetoric demonstration of itself nomatter what else there is or be to it, and nomatter if your an idiot or Einstein trying to boil it down to an equation because it was the most universal conversion of truth, it's quite before your eyes, every single evil is as true as a mouth less female symbol or a color or a star or a characture or a symbol or however you pronounce i
  2. a soul is still a soul nomatter the vessel, even if souls do not exist

    1. umit


      Life is a race how much you do good things how good wil your energy flow in the world and universe.

      Your soul wil left his good or bad energy where you have been in your life.


  3. Ok, About a week ago a friend bought "acid" that was manufactured in the south east part of the United States. It was called "cdhc" and when I talked to the "cook" about it he explained that he didn't know exactly what it was because he was trying to stay a step ahead of the law by ordering un-watched/un-banned chemicals and that it was a lysergic acid with a cyclohexanol instead of a diethylamine. I was lead to believe that this person also did work with synthetic cannabinoids and was attempting to do "research" by using reagents from JWH synths in lysergic and indole molecules. I ate 2 hits
  4. yea I wish I could quit smokin weed for just that reason alone, I really need to get back to writing my book lol.
  5. Im just a poor kid in college, but yea I am writing a book about hppd, its a fiction but there are alot of real events in it. since i Quit smoking weed and started on choline/piracetam my static has cut in half! (I still take hallucinogens regularly too!) lately i have been in a much better place mentally and I think that prolly helps, to be honest i have had HPPD so long it isn't even what bothers me in my day to day life anymore, i'm much more worried about getting the bills paid and finishing my reports/homework on time, girls, to be totally honest the only girl I ever really loved has HPPD
  6. i havent been hre in a while, just seein who still posts here. this was a good place. i have respect for it. hppd. i miss talking to lotta you, made me feel like there was something i could relate to. still no cure here but i havent been lookin to tell you the truth. been livin good how i wants bout it.so yea praise be to lol and a howlin goodmorning to everyone i dont know.. miss yall old ppl. U know
  7. there are things i could say here, other than my general disbilief, how things have chaqnged in this existance, i miss all o yall reall hppders, now please just exist and get past all that stupid dp/dr. I personally go for empty. I want to tell you about the time i decided to mutiliate my brain because of something a beautiful person told me, but thats too personal, and it was like when i was 16, I been writing a book though, only somewhat about hppd, more about being a stupid partier in the U.S. I am at a point where i could finish the book, but i have to make writing about a "social engineer
  8. It sucks when people fuck with your head, the same is true when people fake compassion. The anxiety, DP/DR is way worse than the visual imho. I just hope things go well for you.
  9. lol honestly I have been seeing my hppd as a pleasure in comparison to a social engineer I pissed off, kid broke into my house and stole porn I made with my ex girlfriend while we were drunk and is showing it off to guys of influence in my life (teachers, bosses, classmates) in order to make it out that Im an Evil person, (my personality doesnt help) its is good social proof i must admit. what guy doesnt like secret smut, but he attaches a connotation of malice to it that no matter what I do or say only makes it seem true. elequent. I beat him up because of it and now he just spreads the lies
  10. being diagnosed with hppd only made me feel better because i knew someone was trying to understand it other than me, theres no cure just relief. I have been sober most of this month and honestly i couldnt tell you that it helped at all.
  11. i think my dad has hppd, in his own way, its sorta sad but its ok. we talked about it in the realm of perception rather than doing drugs which is what let me know he understood. but when i told my mom , which was much earlier, she just told me i was insane. that hurt alot. i was young. it sucked but its all been done now and i go to the college with no building.
  12. lets just say TIHKAL . pyramidic said it best with the a few times a year. but a year feels like 5 minutes after its passed so I usually trip 1 or 2 times a month. I'm thinking about eating some something something dotay. nitoght? whatever. tripping on indole molecules is much better than deleriants. I took datura for years Its alll darkside! I still have symptoms from it. i am sure all the stuff I ingest regularly just adds to the visual clutter but there is just so much there that you dont notice it anymore, until you notice some new cool visual distortion that reminds you of your last trip,
  13. its good to see old avatars. Yea part of why I haven't posted much is because of the change and the lack of old familiar posters. may anyone who feels this dream and fall away from the self stigma associated from it. out of sight out of mind may not be true but out of thought out of mind helps. I MISS FREEDOM! I miss the old board. distract yourself from your symptoms however you can. It isn't exactly a healthy way to deal with something but I have seen worse ways to deal with things. have a great day all.
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