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  1. Oh and I'm prescribed klonopin 1mg which helps a little bit but I buy unprecribed xanax every once in awhile....It helps so much! But for me the opiaes did the trick
  2. For me, if you take a good dose of adderall but not too much (I took 30 mg for a short bit of time) it makes your depersonalization go away for a little bit and you don't notice the floaters or other visual symptoms because of the stimulation it does on the brain. However, when I crashed off it I felt like I was living in hell...static got worse, more floaters, back and neck was cracking and aching, and more DP. I would just recommend to stay off of it. But dude try some opiates! I bought 30 percs from this dude and it lasted me about 2 weeks, my vision symptoms drastically dissipated and depe
  3. Everybody. Take some time to think about this. Please read my entire post and give me feedback. I want to share my knowledge with everyone who is lost in HPPD. I am no expert. I am only 16 years old and currently dealing with the setback of HPPD following cannabis use. Ok, First of all I wanted to reply to this topic because that's what I came here for. I do believe that the craneotomy report is true. I read the report, requested this dude on Facebook, instant messaged him and gave him my number,and within 5 minutes he called from Dallas, TX to hear my story. I talked to him for about 30 minut
  4. I have the same thing man...I thought the tension was from a bad mattress too but it's gotta be from HPPD. My neck and back are the worst because I can feel so much tension if I don't crack it....and when I crack my neck it's the most disgusting thing i've ever heard. It gets me scared because this started happening with the onset of HPPD and even when people hear me crack my neck they assume that something is wrong with me and say that I should get that checked out. This isn't normal but it's interesting that HPPD can cause these types of symptoms. Maybe thats something to look into. It could
  5. Anxiety can also cause a person to grind their teeth and the tension will start to move down into the neck and eventually the back. That could be why everybody has so much pressure in their jaw and where the jaw meets the skull. Nobody can really know exactly what they do when they fall asleep and everybody that has HPPD definitely has some sort of anxiety problem. I would suggest researching TMJ
  6. I'm 16 right now, a junior in high school and my HPPD starts the summer of me going into freshman year. I smoked for the first time with one of my close friends and it was some cheap mids.Took about 8-10 decent hits out of a soda can and didn't feel much until i went inside and it hit me. The lights were really bright an I felt like a marshmallow on the couch. It took me awhile to get used to the feeling and at first I was really paranoid but later I ended up having a great time. I remember smoking a few more times soon after that and getting really dazed and didn't really do much but think to
  7. Ok so I know that this is a weird topic. Please don't judge me...but in all seriousness, for as long I can remember I have had a dramatic increase in sexual desire since I got HPPD. Does anyone have this same thing? It's like I feel like I have to. I've tried to stop for awhile because I thought maybe masturbating made it worse but when I do I just get really panicky, racing thoughts, and increase of anxiety. I know masturbation has a lot to do with neurotransmitters in the brain. It releases dopamine and also does something with the acetylcholine receptors...so my question is can anybody rela
  8. I have that too! theres a lot of pressure and pain in my jaw so i have a tendency to play with it but when you snap that part where your jaw meets the skull its very painful and is sore for a very long time. I'm not 100% sure if this is related but it sure seems like it started with HPPD...but i have cracking joints everywhere! My neck and back are like in a vice...even when i breath sometimes i can hear my upper back popping
  9. Hey man, I got a pretty awful case of HPPD going on and I'd love to meet someone in person. I live in the suburbs 20-25 min outside of phila...and I'm right by the PA=DE border. I'm only sixteen, but I have my license. You guys seem a little old but I'm sure theres a way it could work.
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