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  1. Hi all, I was a part of this community many years ago as a wee lad when my symptoms first began to settle. I thought I'd login to post an update as to the current mental state I'm in, what recovery (as good as can be) is like, and what you can expect if you're relatively new to HPPD. I first had HPPD symptoms after taking a one-time dose of mushrooms, I believe around 2 grams; the initial trip went fine, in-fact it was quite a lot of fun. After coming down, I didn't feel normal.. I felt strange, odd, different, but couldn't pinpoint what it was. It was like something had clicked, snapped,
  2. Why are you even contemplating doing drugs again? You've made like 10 threads in the last like 4 hours complaining about HPPD and the symptoms that accompany it, but yet you want to experiment with "drugs that don't make hppd worse" man you're playing a dangerous game if you do decide to roll the dice with your marbles. You're still in school for gods sake, put your head down and study. Get off this site. Hang out with your friends, don't smoke bud, drink if you have too. But if you indulge too deeply you may not come out.
  3. Hello, some of you may remember me posting a couple of years ago when I first realized I had HPPD, thought I'd give you all an update and what's happened to date. All in all, things started to get better for a while whilst on Seroquel 50mg IR daily. My depersonalization was completely gone, my anxiety was pretty much gone, and just the visuals remained. A few months went by, my anxiety started to surface again, yet with unrelenting force. I went to a Psychiatrist and tried to explain to her my symptoms, problems, dilemmas, thoughts, doubts, etc. Yet, within the first hour of me seeing her,
  4. Hey guys, been away for a while, trying to get shit together and not focus on it so much - but recently I had a trip to a GP I've never been too before, and after telling him what DP was, he said "oh, seroquel works wonders for that" so I started off on Seroquel 50mg IR once a day at night, knocked me the fuck out, I can't remember if the next day or day after, it had completely disappeared and then came happiness, tears ensue etc etc. Just letting you guys know that if you haven't tried it, give it a go, it helps greatly with anxiety also, but now I'm on 150mg XR for my anxiety because it see
  5. E-cigs are very good in mimicking the same feeling of relief one would obtain from a cigarette, a friend at work recently quit smoking and he said the e-cig has basically saved his life haha.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that as of late your situation has become quite more dire than it recently was. Maybe, hopefully, this is just another phase, and in a couple of weeks/months, you'll be back to a more *stable* self, where you can think a bit more clearly and devise a plan like you'd wish too. At least you're trying different methods, which is always reassuring to see and gives the rest(especially me) something to look forward too if it subsequently moves toward a more universal treatment. I believe this condition is a pernicious one at that, for what reason I am unsure of, but I do think th
  7. No problem, do you have any quarrels with trying an SSRI? Or do you have the worry that it may exacerbate your symptoms? Maybe Wellbutrin is up your alley for helping you cope with your depression. When you say it's changing your personality, what do you mean? In what ways exactly?
  8. Took me 6 months to get over my anxiety, I still have it, but it no longer controls me. It does take a fair while, but I agree with what brake is saying.
  9. I believe they desist with discontinuation of the medication.
  10. Quit all drugs yo! Just to be safe. Take care.
  11. wooshka


    Thanks for posting zx6. The racetams group of Nootropics seem to have adverse effects depending on the individual. Some report a remission of some symptoms, some report no relief for any symptoms. Piracetam, seems to be the more common of the group, and so far has had positive results in a couple of participants. Also, I'd check into some Calcium Channel blockers such as Flunarizine. A member was taking Flunzarizine and Keppra together, and noticed a 90-95 percent decrease in all symptoms. It is hard to stay strong sometimes, but I believe what you're saying is correct. See you around!
  12. wooshka

    help me!

    I believe he has, unfortunately. And it's increasing apparently, super empathy and also sympathy for you sir. I hope mine doesn't increase for 23 more years.
  13. Goodluck syntheso, glad it's looking up for you mate.
  14. I just find that if I smoke every 3 weeks or so, the days that I smoke, maybe 2 or 3 in continuation, during those days, my DP increases abit, but instead,my anxiety lessons and my visuals aren't increased at all. But when I stop, two to 3 days later, my visuals seem to be affected permanently. Or, maybe, in the time that I was smoking, I haven't noticed an increase in visuals because I haven't been so anxious and concentrating on them. Other than that, when I don't smoke weed, they still seem to get worse, so I'm conflicted. My HPPD was basically hidden from my view for 3 months until I quit
  15. Can you explain to me your "baseline" is that in regards to the level of your visuals, or also cognitive effects also? Been noticing any improvements lately?
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