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  1. also, @cosmiccharlie just curious - what sort of HPPD symptoms did you have? For me right now trails are giving me a ton of grief - i can’t move my hands without a huge blur following it. super distressing : (
  2. Thank you so much for the response! This has calmed me down some, I’m definitely gonna stay sober and try and keep my mind off of it
  3. Hi all This forum doesn’t seem to be too active anymore but I’m desperate and will post anyway heh So, I seem to have developed HPPD from a single pill of ecstasy/mdma mixed with weed about 5 weeks ago. Since then, symptoms have gradually showed up and worsened. I have every VSS symptom, such as: snow, tracers, halos, starbursts, floaters, afterimages, etc. From reading on here it seems like those with LSD and Shroom induced HPPD have an easier go at it at recovering... it’s making me feel really down and hopeless. I think I’m going to be stuck with this shit forever
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