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Xiao Yao San

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I randomly found a traditional Chinese medicine shop today and asked the doctor what is good for anxiety and he gave me Xiao Yao San. He said it's not to sleep but to feel calm. So I'm gonna finish the bottle and see what happens. Has anyone heard of this stuff before or taken this stuff before? The pills look unique.

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So unfortunately it does not help with the visuals however it does help a bit with the anxiety, depression, depersonalization and derealization. I do feel a bit more level headed and less clumsy. I researched the ingredients a bit and they do seem to promote anti seizure activity within the brain. They are neuroprotective. I feel like it makes the visuals worse actually because since it decreases depersonalization and derealization you become even more aware of the visuals. I don't know if this is true for sure but I think depersonalization and derealization is the body's defense mechanism against the visual snow and HPPD. You have to become unaware to deal with this 24/7.

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19 hours ago, Jay1 said:

Thanks for the update, i'll give it a try! Anything that could help ease my dpdr would be priceless

I actually bought it for $9.99 (USD) plus tax. Relatively cheap considering today's medications and supplements. I feel like it's helping more as time goes on and I increased the dosage. Yeah my depth perception definitely improved. But the visual snow is worse because I'm more aware of it. I feel more precise.

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12 hours ago, Vievang said:

Lots of people swear by it for reducing anxiety and stress. I didn't tried it yet but I surely want to.

Interesting, I never heard of it. It helps a bit. The herbalist was telling me I could do acupuncture for anxiety as well. Has anyone had success with acupuncture? He didn't have supplements for epilepsy or psychosis.

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