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I’ve been suffering from constant DR with hppd and its driving me insane. I hate it so much it makes me so depressed and anxious. How do i help it? Its a daily thing and usually comes on when im tired or anxious or even just thinking about it makes me feel like im in a DR state. Nothing feels as normal or “real” as it used to. I sometimes question if im even alive. (Im on lexapro 5mg and abilify 2.5mg)

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On 4/21/2022 at 9:38 AM, Jay1 said:

There are only two things that take the edge off my DR... Benzos or alcohol. Two powerful, addictive drugs. 

Hey Jay, I know you've tried TMS (I think) in the past.
Just throwing it out there that there are protocols out there that target DR specifically. I know it's done in France I'm currently following the treatment.
It might be worth looking into that as there are almost no side-effects and the treatment works good enough from what I understand.
It cured one guy I know.

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I tried tDCS, which is like the poor man's TMS! It didn't really do anything for me, though I only tried it a few times. 

Keep us up to date on the TMS.

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