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Article by a fellow HPPDer: What's been your experience of seeking help from psychologists and psychiatrists?


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Hi all -

My name is Ed Prideaux and I'm a UK-based writer, journalist, and six-year HPPDer. You can see my portfolio here: https://edprideaux.journoportfolio.com/. I'm working on HPPD awareness for a nonprofit, and appeared on a podcast (you can see in my post history) to discuss: https://www.perception.foundation/

I'm writing an article right now about all things HPPD for a publication called Mad In America, which is run by the journalist Robert Whitaker. The magazine specialises in coverage of the psychiatric-psychological sector, often in a critical lens. It's run a couple of excellent critical pieces on psychedelic medicine, so I've decided to throw in my contribution from the lens of HPPD and harm reduction for psychedelics.

Something I'm interested in covering is how well-equipped our current psychiatry/psychotherapy/counselling systems are for handling people complaining of HPPD, and the under-covered risks of psychedelics more generally.

Please leave a comment outling your story, or otherwise indicate your interest in participating, and I will DM you. You can DM me, too. This is totally anonymous on request. I'd also like to situate people's experiences with clinical professionals in the broader context of their HPPD story, so if you're comfortable sharing that kind of detail, please do.

You can also email me at eddie.prideaux@gmail.com


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I came prepared to the visit. I said I have some notes with me. Those notes were some PDF printed, found at reddit, which describes symptoms of HPPD. Dedicated to show to psychiatrists.
After hearing I've got side effects after trying psylocybin and LSD she already had negative attitude.
Psychiatrist didn't want to take a look at the notes and said it's obsessive compulsive personality disorder.
Next day I realized she thought those are notes I'm taking compulsively during day.
Since then I've never looked for help again. It doesn't make sense to talk to people who judge you by the fact you tried substance XYZ even when you explain you did it very cautiously and you don't glorify it.

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