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  1. Hey all, I'm the journalist who was looking for interview subjects last month. The article has, at long last, been published. Among other details, my article features a history of HPPD that stretches back to the 19th-century; several real-life case studies; discussions of HPPD's link to psychosis, alcohol abuse and suicide; and what the condition may mean for the promise of future psychedelic research. You can read it on The Independent here: https://www.independent.co.uk/independentpremium/long-reads/netflix-good-bad-trip-lsd-psychedelics-never-wears-off-a9533136.html It's beh
  2. Hello my friends, I'm writing an article for The Independent about HPPD. I'd like to talk first-hand with sufferers of the disorder and document their stories. This article will spread awareness about the risks of psychedelic drug-taking and show what can go wrong. If you're interested in having a short chat or sending a summary of your experience with HPPD, then please email me at eddie.prideaux@gmail.com. You can be anonymous on request, don't worry. Ed
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