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Hello. Does anyone feel a reduction in their symptoms with NSAIDs?


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3 hours ago, Blossy said:

Как и выше, если бы это было так просто. Дефо здесь нет.

I understand. I am referring to the symptoms associated with DP / DR. Dispelling fog, generating vigor, improving concentration, etc.

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On 11/19/2021 at 8:13 AM, kynerer said:

Chronic administration of lamotrigine downregulates COX-2 mRNA and protein in rat frontal cortex. Could HPPD be associated with inflammation? Has anyone tried opioid analgesics?

I think it does. I just find it difficult to believe that there isn’t at the least some mast cell disregulation going on. I wrote a lot about mtorc1 and lsd and how it relates to excessive microglia/astrocyte glutamate activation/release. The intermediary between those two, mTorc1 and the microglia/astrocyte could be mast cells as mtorc1 appears to play a role in the regulation on mast cells which in turn can have very deleterious effects involving interleukins and chemokines and glutamate overload and just a whole clusterfuck of weird neurological brain states. 

does that mean go take some antihistamines or mast cell stabilizers and shit and you’ll be healed? 

a sad analogy for you…

—you put out your house fire with water. You don’t rebuild your house with it, though. 

off to find some wood ;)


I write about it in a post here: 



and continue the research here: 

feel free to hop on in and post things if you come across anything relevant :) 


good vibes,


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