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Magnesium Supplements

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Last week, I started taking Magnesium Supplements (2 x 375mg per day) as I read it was good for anxiety/stress.

Much to my surprise, it has worked quite well... Anxiety is a bit better and it even seems to be reducing my visual snow by abut 30% (it is still there, but seems finer).

The user Morbide has also started this supplement, with good results (reduction in VS).

It my be a placebo (6 days in)... But might be worth looking into.

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which magnesium supp are you taking?

magnesiumoxide, carbonate or citrate?

oxide and carbonate or not so effective as citrrate or aspartate because if you have a lack of gastric acid they dont dissolve.

furthermore powder is a better choice.

citrate or aspartarte has the best bioavailability.

but dont take calcium supps this is the antagonist of magnesium if you want to take calcium do it a few hours later.

there are also a few posts on the visualsnow forum that people had a good success with magnesium in large amounts but i would not recommend this because this could be deadly in the worst case.

my opinion is that it is effective because magnesium is nature's own calcium channel blocker and it seems that a few people have success with drugs like flunarizine.

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this is better than carbonate. i think for long term use also better as citrate because you also get alot of magnesium because of your nutrition. eat alot of spinach and nuts sunflower seeds has a lot of magnesium i eat them every morning.

here are some quotes of the good ole wiki^^:

Magnesium is an essential element in biological systems. Magnesium occurs typically as the Mg2+ ion. It is an essential mineral nutrient for life[1][2][3] and is present in every cell type in every organism. For example, ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the main source of energy in cells, must be bound to a magnesium ion in order to be biologically active. What is called ATP is often actually Mg-ATP.[4] Similarly, magnesium plays a role in the stability of all polyphosphate compounds in the cells, including those associated with DNA- and RNA synthesis.
The DRI upper tolerated limit for supplemental magnesium is 350 mg/day (calculated as milligrams (mg) of elemental magnesium in the salt). (Supplements based on amino acid chelates, such as glycinate, lysinate etc., are much better tolerated by the digestive system and do not have the side effects of the older compounds used, while sustained release supplements prevent the occurrence of diarrhea.)

and ithink the most important part

Magnesium can affect muscle relaxation through direct action on cell membranes. Mg++ ions close certain types of calcium channels, which conduct a positively charged calcium ion into neurons. With an excess of magnesium, more channels will be blocked and nerve cells will have less activity.
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if your body has enough magnesium or the pills dont dissolve completly because of a lack of gastric acid for example it binds the water in your gut and you get a diarrhea. there are a few possibilitys to get rid about it.

1. dont tske magnesium in combination with fatty food

2. use mignesiumcitrate

3. split your dosage. for example take it 4 times a day in small amounts instead of one big amount

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Sorry to 'harp' ... but has anyone tried Potassium (K)?

It is VERY interesting that some are getting benefit for VS with Mg. So this raises questions:

Did Mg help because of a general metabolic need? For example, Mg and B6 are cofactors for dopamine, norepinepherine and epinepherine - that is, Mg and B6 are need to make them. If you have low Mg and low dopamine, taking Mg will generate more dopamine.

Did Mg help because its helping to correct an over sympathetic dominance? While Mg is needed to make DA, NE, E, it is also block sympathetic nerve conduction. So Mg improves peripheral circulation which includes the retina. The autonomic nervous system is in 2 part: sympathetic and parasympathetic. One can dominate the other. As examples, fight/flight is sympathetic dominance. And sleeping is parasympathetic.

Did Mg help because of changing nerve function in the CNS by some other means?

The reason for the Potasium suggestion is that Potasium stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (thus helps to correct for sympathetic dominance). The test would be simple ... for anyone that Mg helps their visual snow, does adding K help as well?

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i imagine that magnesium helps with visuals is because it is an calcium channel blocker and so has indirect impacts on serotonin same like flunarazine only my assumption.

as for potassium i would not recommend taking it over a long period,because it has impacts on your heart.

i had to take after a strong diarrhea because of a lack but i had to control my blood two times a week.

but this was medical potassium maybe these supps arent so strong

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i found magnesium seems to make acetyl cysteine more effective. This may be due to its role in the enzymes that make glutathione from acetyl cysteine. A good dose (couple of teaspoons or so) is also pretty relaxing. I use alkali magnesium hydroxide powder and mix it with my other potions which are acidic, so it helps neutralise them a bit. THere's talk of magnesium malate being good. This is over priced - you're probably better off getting some malic acid and mixing it with magnesium hydroxide which will do the same thing for cheap. I dont really notice anything from malic acid though. Bear in mind that magnesium hydroxide by itself is quite a strong laxative (it is business end of milk of magnesia), so best neutralize it to a less laxative salt like citrate, malate or ascorbate by mixing with the corresponding acid.

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Wanted to bring this back and say this has been an amazing supplement for me. Pretty much the only one that has worked


I started taking half a tea spoon of magnesium citrate in powder form on my lunch break 3-5 times a week about 5 months ago. After just a couple of weeks i felt relaxed and as i would normally have a 'bad day' at least for a couple hours every few days I found they had stopped. Even on a grey weather day after not getting much sleep I was feeling fine, these days would normally be hell for me and I would know I was going to have a bad day just looking at the weather report. 


Since taking it I would say I haven't had a bad day at all and the longest I have anxiety thinking about it would be max 30min in a day maybe once or twice a week. It has really made me stop looking for my visuals and calmed me so much. I would also say there has been at least a 50% reduction in visuals, 80% in anxiety and even a 25% reduction in brain fog and other brain issues. 


I think other people if they haven't tried this really need to

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