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Possible treatment/ cure found.

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Hi everyone.

I've been suffering from hppd for around a year now after microdosing for a week on mushrooms. Visual snow , afterimages, halos you name it. In the beginning I started to supplement on lions mane to see if it would improve. But to no avail, it made the symptoms go x10. As it did with many people. This resulted in very heavy visual snow in low light conditions. After that I decided to just wait it out and see if the symptoms will lessen through time. The symtomps did gradually lessen over time but where stil very annoying and present.

So here's the deal. After reading about some studies about the effect of Nigella Sativa on the brain of rats. 
I started taking Black Seed Oil ( Nigella Sativa) about a week ago twice daily when waking up and at bedtime. I can now say up to this point the afterimages reduced about 90%!

The visual snow also went down by around 50-75%. Not only that but the mental clarity i got is almost on the same level as pre-hppd. Before this I could not focus on some text for more than a minute without the words getting blurred

i do want to press on the fact that there are many fake black seed oils in the market so if anyone wants to try it search for the highest quality COLD pressed oil. 

Looking forward to read your progress.


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  • Samy-M changed the title to Possible treatment/ cure found.

That’s wonderful!! 

bso makes me worse :( but for other it very well might make them better. It didn’t hurt me permanently. 


it’s a pretty complicated mechanism since it has many different chemicals in it. One of which is alterations in apoptosis and autophagy. it interacts with ampk/mtor, p13k/akt. 

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I have black seed oil laying around that I bought for other reasons (helps with social anxiety, calms me when irritable, and it's just generally really healthy).

I will say that I noticed odd visual effects sometimes when taking it, so I stopped, which is interesting as I'm otherwise free from HPPD.

That being said, sometimes things need to become worse before they get better. Like your brain is being re-wired in a positive way.


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i began with a full teaspoon for a week. When most of my symptoms went down by 80-90% i started taking half teaspoon for now. I can say that most, if not all symptoms are almost completely gone. Dp/dr , vss , afterimages. 

wish you luck.

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Yeah, a teaspoon is 5g, and from all the reading I did, typical dosage for a variety of symptoms ranges from 2g-3g, 5g being the upper end.

I do want to point out that there have been cases of kidney and liver failure when taking Black Seed Oil, though it sounds rare and there is conflicting ideas on whether BSO was the actual cause.

It can also interact with different medications, as it interacts with the CYP450 liver enzyme.

I had started taking it as it has implications in treating Diabetes (I'm on the verge of pre-Diabetic), it's good for your skin and hair (it has Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids in a nearly perfect ratio), and I've found it helps with anxiety, stress, and agitation.

As I understand it, it's believed to work on GABA receptors and Serotonin receptors to some extent, possibly Dopamine as well.

I did all this research a long while back, so it could be I'm pulling some of this out of my ass, just trying my best to be helpful, my guess is @Samy-M knows more accurate info than I do.

I do know that in the Middle East, Black Seed Oil is considered a cure-all tonic, that's been in use for a very long time.

@Samy-MWhat brand do you use, just out of curiosity? I have "Mother Nature Organics" brand.

I really hope this can help people with HPPD.

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On 7/31/2021 at 11:41 AM, Shady said:

Hey mate, how are your symptoms now? I've had hppd for about 5 years now and I'm considering looking into treating it again. Would you also be able to link the exact product you bought? @Samy-M Thanks mate. 

Same here, 5 years with it, forgot about it the last 4, now i remember it, seeing all this visuals again sadly, but trying cure for the first time.


I wish you good luck Samy, hopefully we achieve it.

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Peace be up on you great  to hear ! To all of you im pretty sure That black seed oil is really riskless and has so many Even Not discovered compounts which are healing any desease of the system in a blessed way. I did as well positive experience with it as someone who is extremly sensitive and had really strong hppd. So even if u feel BSO is Not helping than have a look if you have a cold pressed and maby ecologic one, and than again try for a good decade of time 1-2 teaspoon Daily, if god wants, i promise it helps and is Not a Problem for your hppd



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