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  1. Hi, i began with a full teaspoon for a week. When most of my symptoms went down by 80-90% i started taking half teaspoon for now. I can say that most, if not all symptoms are almost completely gone. Dp/dr , vss , afterimages. wish you luck.
  2. Hi, sad to hear that. For how long have you tried it? It made my symptoms worse in the first days as well.
  3. Hi everyone. I've been suffering from hppd for around a year now after microdosing for a week on mushrooms. Visual snow , afterimages, halos you name it. In the beginning I started to supplement on lions mane to see if it would improve. But to no avail, it made the symptoms go x10. As it did with many people. This resulted in very heavy visual snow in low light conditions. After that I decided to just wait it out and see if the symptoms will lessen through time. The symtomps did gradually lessen over time but where stil very annoying and present. So here's the deal. After reading abo
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