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  1. Happy for you. I think I also got it through microdosing, didn’t notice it at first and continued smoking. Wanna try it out too. How much of it did you take? Do you think half spoon in the morning and another one before bed would be enough?
  2. Thanks for sharing. I’m gonna try it with the Seroquel for one more month, since I feel the derealisation symptoms that are bothering me most, are getting better on it, even on a small dose of 25mg. After that month I wanna try it without by just looking after my vitamin intake and maybe supplementing some stuff since I’m not really eating animal products. Wann a try that out for at least one month, if things are getting worse i wanna try something like lamotrigin. Still hoping the HPPD isn’t getting chronic and I’m just one of the cases were it will get less by time. best wishes Anna
  3. Hey, thanks for your Research. I’m thinking about trying it out by next month, but not quite sure how to dose all those vitamins. Should the vitamin C and D intake be more then what the body usual needs? I could do that with just fruits and vegs I guess, but about the B3 and magnesium I’m not quite sure, since I’m vegan I think my B3 might me quite now, not really finding anything online about how to supplement it so the body can use it. And recommendations for the dosing of what you are recommending? thanks, Anna
  4. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. I already stopped doing any kind of drugs, because all I want is to feel like myself again. wish you all the best for your journey. take care, Anna
  5. Hello everyone, in advance I wanna apologize for my non mother tounge English and for not really coming to an end with telling my story and maybe using the wrong tread for that post. I‘m not quite sure yet if a self diagnose with HPPD is appropriate for me but I want to tell you about my story, my seizure-similar experiences and my worries about taking meds. i don’t really know when all of this started. I‘m 24 now and I’ve been smoking weed regularly since 2015/2016, never had any noticeable problems with consuming it but could always keep it on a kind of moderate level, smoked
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