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Just dropping in after a long time!


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Seems this forum is really quiet nowadays. I used to live on this forum in my early years and through long arduous flair ups with HPPD. Seems like it has been a life time, maybe 2006 I guess.. Started on the stormloader HPPD board or right after when the new forum was started I can't remember. I think there was another one or two after that were lost. I was sad about that, there was tons to read on those boards. Anyways, not sure if anyone is still around but just thought I would drop a line and wish everyone a happy holiday!




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I used to be on this board during that same time period under a different username.

This board is fairly dead, but once in a while people pop in.

It seems like r/HPPD on Reddit is where people go these days, but they give awful advice. But, it's more active.

How are your HPPD symptoms these days?

Have a good holiday season.

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Ha, ya i had a different name before this one but I can't even remember. Pretty crazy compared to how active it used to be. I'll have to pop in to the reddit and check it out.

My symptoms, well I suppose I want to put it in a way that I wanted to hear when I first got here so it's a million times better than those early years. They were under no uncertain terms miserable. Somethings stayed, most things got better, still deal with issues but after having it for so god damn long it's just become a part of my life. I should also say that I've found relief in Keppra and as @VisualDudementioned Cocarboxylase b1 has helped in unexpected ways.

Hope @David S. Kozin's out there doing well, probably never thanked him back in the day but this place was an absolute god send.

How are you holding up? Hopefully making the best of this strange year/holidays season. All the best to ya!




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