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Gene Therapy?

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Well, i read that hppd could be a genetic disorder, so that got me thinking, wouldn't a doctor that knows about the way hallucinogenics affect the genes, target that gene and attempt to fix it? Here is the quote:

"It is now thought that HPPD is possibly a genetic disorder where LSD and other hallucinogens may alter inhibitory neurons in the perceptual pathways of the brain(in susceptible individuals). These are the systems that filter the senses (well, mainly sight, possibly sound) into a full understandable picture."

Also, if some of you are wondering, i take gabapentin for my hppd, it works pretty good, but tolerance develops fast.

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I do think they effect genes. [http://www.nature.com/npp/journal/v26/n5/full/1395848a.html]

But I think it's a done deal, you can't reverse it. Fortunately new nerve pathways can grow in the brain, and I believe counteract a lot of this. You have to treat yourself well though. I've seen improvements in my vision over the years, not when being unhealthy though.

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The key about genes is "gene silencing". This is an underlying reason for cancer.

As for HPPD, it seems to happen to most in a matter of hours, days or weeks - a model that mimics (if not IS) nerve degeneration. Genetic 'damage' usually take much longer to develop issues.

Genes would probably be the main factor in determining "susceptible individuals". But malnutrition, toxic exposure, and/or emotional abuse also weaken even otherwise strong people - these are environmental factors. If you got all of the above, then life can really get shitty.

It seems like "gene therapy" is a buzz word that can mean all sorts of things. Some speak of stem cells for developing new neurons - this is more than gene therapy.

But reactivating silenced genes has done wonders, such as Burzynski's work with peptids to reverse terminal brain cancer. The principles of lifestyles changes (exersize, diet, ...) is to change the way the body is operating to maximize health - this involves "gene expression".

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