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Does sleeping worsen your HPPD ?


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Hey all,

One thing that has been consistent since those 2 years of dealing with HPPD is that the longer since I woke up the better I feel.

Some days I almost feel normal on the evening.

But the mornings are always awful.

Has any of you also felt that sleeping seems to worsen symptoms of HPPD ?

I'd be interested on hearing what you guys have to say on this subject.

Let me end by wishing you strength on dealing with this shit.

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I always feel worse in the morning with my symptoms. If they actually are worse or that I am more aware of them is hard for me to say, but objectively I tend to think I have more static, after images in the morning, that then tend to get better later during the day.

But, if I don't sleep enough it becomes worse the longer the day goes.

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