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Intentionaly getting HPPD


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hello people. i understand the struggles many of you suffer with HPPD. however, for me after more than 1000 LSD trips over 20years, having HPPD seems like a dream come true !!! so i definitely want to induce it and started researching all on HPPD in reverse. it seems like a holy grail of acid OGs, and also i found some accounts of people accepting and enjoying HPPD. one of the most famous cases being Bill Walton, even winning NBA finals with it...

any clues as to how to trigger HPPD for good ? 


thanx a lot

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If you think this sounds like a dream come true, you are wildly misinformed. 

It is not like tripping all the time.. You have no feelings of joy, or insight. Just all the very ugly aspects. Anyone saying otherwise has some very mild form is this.

Imagine your strongest trip ever, now remember that feeling when you've come down but you are still fucked up (and remove any feelings of relief that you made it through to the other side)... You're disphoric, depressed, anxious, nervous, paranoid, your mind is starting to make normal thoughts, but something is still very off, your vision is all messed up, but without the joy and insight, it's just an ugly mess.

Don't underestimate this illness. I'd literally rather have cancer, or have my arms cut off.

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This disorder is by no means fun or enjoyable.  For me, it's like having a life long learning disability.  For years my nervous system was constantly pumping adrenaline.  The visual don't go away, however they aren't interesting, or enlightening.   Getting focused on anything took a huge amount of effort.  Enjoyable?  No.  

With work i wad able to compensate for some of  the symptoms, and over the decades I've learned to accept that I'm stuck with hppd.  But fun?  Yikes!  NO!

I too used to love taking psychedelics as often as I could.  Sometimes for a week at a time.  If I had known I would get this disorder, I would have never touched the stuff.

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When your perception is different, you can kinda feel what I could "out of it" and get depersonalized and derealization, haven't had it that much myself but trust me it isn't a good feeling. Also it gave me terrible anxiety in the beginning and occasionally makes me depressed. And forgot about using any recreational drugs, I'm afraid to be intoxicated and it seems as if all drugs are ruined for me. With all due respect you're dumbass for wanting this, even if it was just like tripping on acid all the time, who the he'll would want that? I suggest stop taking acid.

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