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  1. @K.B.Fante you are right about that i haven't been drug-free, however without xanax i would probably not be able cope with it on my own. I'm emotionally very unstable person. It's a bitter pill to swallow for a 18 year old, that i have a life-long condition. I also suffer from insomnia, and other sleep pills made me feel high (ambien,halcion etc.), so i ended up taking xanax. Im also living quite a repetitive way of life, so there are not many lifestyle changes in the last past few months, but I've had a lot of stress in life lately (life-long friend died in an accident last year) so who kno
  2. if you haven't gotten HPPD after all those years, you will probably never get it. But i will gladly give you mine HPPD if you want it so desperately, i've had enough lol.
  3. Hi, I'm new member to HPPD community, not a new member to HPPD sufferers however. I've been stuck with this condition since I was 17. I never did LSD, I got my HPPD from ecstasy pills. At that time, I used to do HUGE amounts of MDMA (up to 600mg). Why did i do it? No idea. I just liked the way it made me feel and I wanted to have some fun i guess. I don't quite remember what my symptoms of HPPD were back then, but they were significant enough to make me stop doing drugs altogether. I remember that if someone wore white shirt with black stripes on it, it would seem as if the shirt was "fli
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