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worth trying a sleep study?


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Afaik, my sleep is not disturbed and most of the time, the cycles are very precise. 

If I don't go to bed later than 10:30pm, I wake up automatically 10 minutes before my alarm clock rings.

Take this with a grain of salt however, as this is one of the "side effects" I had related to the consumption of MDMA.

I have a sleep analyser which wakes me up in a certain timeframe (let's say between 6-6.30am)where my sleep is the lightest. There is also a percentage of sleep quality.

I always get 90-99% sleep quality the night I do MDMA and then stabilizes at 60-70% for every night following.

And I can tell 100% this works because the same happens when I used to smoke weed, sleep quality was drastically improved the day I smoked.

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Is it worth trying?  I'd say yes.  You never know what you may find.  The more that's known about this condition the better.

That being said, I'm not going to volunteer for a sleep study.  I don't think I could sleep at all with wires attached to my head in a lab.

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I am scheduling a sleep study, but based on pretty good data: my girlfriend has observed me stopping breathing at times. Additionally, other symptoms of sleep apnea are there.

Please forgive me if I repeat other posters, it will take me a little bit it get a feel for where we are at on the board, so...

One of my close friends has Narcolepsy. I realized that I was having some similar issues, but I am also on a unique combination of medications that could mimic issues.

However, often associated Sensory Processing disorders and Attention disorders accompany HPPD individuals at higher rates than the norm. One caveat, is individuals with ADHD (including me) self medicated with stimulants not realizing how severe my ADHD was. ADHD and impulse control, feeling misunderstood and other parts of our ADHD Brain are ripe for a personality drawn to hallucinogens. The chicken and the egg problem. I do know I had ADHD before HPPD, just undiagnosed. 

I have a Dopamine hypothesis, and it is similar to why sinemet was studied open lable..

I have such excessively high frontal cortex theta power witgout assymetry that my qEEG/EEG reading suggested the possibility of a more serious issue. Theta power is now formally accepted as one indicator for ADHD. I also think it is why I am able to have some "super powers" that can also be awful. 


Anyway, the post is essentially self-diagnostic of a positive ADHD diagnosis. I went way off topic there. 


- David (writing unedited posts since 1998).

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