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  1. Mild visual snow and photophobia. I think what made a huge difference is the moment I stopped caring about HPPD so much.
  2. My symptoms did worsen for maybe 2-3 months after last intake, then stabilized and stayed the same for about 2 years. Then it started to decrease gradually.
  3. I'd say it's better not to take anything at all but since there's a good chance you will end up high on something, I will rank these following drugs from least triggering to most triggering when it comes to HPPD. Mind you that this is how it affects ME, drugs don't affect everyone in the same way. - Coke = just some low increase in Visual Snow - Speed = a bit more VS than with coke - MDMA = general increase in all symptoms. Symptoms return to baseline after a few weeks - Weed = Huge no no. Huge increase in all symptoms, lots of anxiety. Returns to baseline after a few weeks
  4. I had that too, it took a few years but went away. You just have to give it time. If that's your only symptom stay far away from any kind of meds. And drugs.
  5. As rlopes said, it didn't make it worse at all, might as well give it a shot.
  6. I took CoQ10 for a few months but no effect. The only things that helped me get better are good sleep, good food and good experiences in life. Meet new people, or just do anything that distracts you from Hppd.
  7. *Your. I don't see how insulting me proves your point. I'm sorry, I'm too lazy to argue with you today. Maybe another time. Or maybe reread the thread.
  8. As a Jeep mechanic, I can say with confidence that your car was indeed an issue.
  9. What's weird is that I started getting GERD again when my stress related to HPPD went away. Well, my workplace is a big source of stress already, that sure can't help.
  10. Never. I did have terrible GERD around 6 months old but subsided. Came back probably a year after HPPD kicked in.
  11. Very interesting information. I'll do some research as well in the next few days. However I'm also 75% sure we have a genetic, maybe not defect, but weakness at the very least if you know what I mean. We have a history of vision issues in the family, both with the brain and eyes.
  12. You are yourself saying it's a mystery, so why do you keep saying that the only solution pretty much is linked to anxiety ? What makes you say that ? Research suggests that bad trips could make HPPD more likely to appear, but again, it's just speculation. Many people have HPPD without any anxiety or caused by a traumatic event. This sentence applies to you as well. Your answers make it look like you are the one with the solution. Mean-fucking-while, there are people who have looked into every single possible explanation, anxiety, neuronal, immune etc etc etc, dasitmane and
  13. A lot of HPPD sufferers do NOT have anxiety, I myself barely had any anxiety during this whole HPPD experience. I am now completely anxiety free, the visual disturbances are still here and might actually be a bit worse than they used to be when the symtpoms first kicked in. Considering the overwhelming number of reports which put anxiety out of the question, I don't understand how you can hang on this theory so much. Now, I think we can all agree that anxiety can exacerbate visual/cognitive disturbances, however I cannot see how this would be the cause of such disturbances. Many
  14. This magnificent disorder has been introduced to me around the end of 2017. I took throughout my "psychonaut" part of life 4-5 tabs of LSD. These didn't trigger any HPPD. The disorder kicked in once I started microdosing. I have probably microdosed around 5 times, not more than once per week. Now, we could debate about how bad it was for my brain to microdose but the real issue was the weed + microdose mix. Since microdosing boosts your brain to unimaginable levels (I have ADHD as well), it was difficult to sleep each day I'd microdose. To ease myself into sleep, I'd smoke a joint, u
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