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When I was a mere thirteen years old and 1 year into full blown HPPD, two ex drug users came and gave a lecture at school and showed a film of what can go wrong with hitting up intrevenously. It was rather graphic, showing users whose veins came stringing out of their arm and infected ulcers. It scared me terribly, though I was never a drug needle user. I had already scared myself away from drugs because of HPPD that basically ruined my life as far as I was concerned then. But the fear element was a powerful teacher too late for me.

At the age of 12 in 1969, drugs, especially psychedelics were glorified in the Rock music world. Teachers, parents, law enforcement all warned us of the dangers of using LSD especially. This was when little was yet known about long term harmful effects. We were warned but encouraged through a youthful rebellious culture.

Had there been the long term experiences we now know of, perhaps some of us would have heeded the warning.

The warning label should read, if you take this drug there is a real chance you will stay high for the rest of your life!

And so...I would like to see such a warning for the younger generation now.

When I go back in time and think of my responses back then when I was warned, I thought that there is always a remedy, always a fix. But this is not always true.

This is the reality warning that folks need to hear before they consider using psychedelics.

It seems that these mind altering drugs open pathways that may  never close again.

It is like a lost innocence.

I think the most important thing I can do is to warn others not to take drugs, especially psychedelics. 

Can you recover with strict diet and lifestyle? Perhaps so, after time and much effort. But perhaps not.

All this being said, I think it would be very worthy to find ways to warn others.  Perhaps to go into schools or even make ads online via social media. 

Were we tricked by the offer of cheap thrills so drug pushers could make money? Were we encouraged by musicians who made us feel we belonged to something new happening? 

There are many very serious questions. Why we follow harmful trends. Why we gample our one and only life for a few hours of pleasure.

I don't think I can answer without taking serious responsibility. Back in the day I introduced others to drugs too. I'm sorry. It was foolish.

Many in my high school have suffered terrible fates due to drug use, including suicide.

If you are using psychedelics...., I would like to scare you with reality.

There is a huge risk and some of us were so very young to take such stupid risks!

I'm wanting to speak out and speak plainly. Maybe some young soul will be forewarned enough to never experiment.

Experiment?  Our youth became the world's guinea pigs? Love and peace to all.

Any ideas in how to warn our youth?




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I'm afraid we can't really scare anyone away from psychedelics using HPPD as a reason.

The problem is that you can't see HPPD nor experience it if you don't have it. It's easy to show H users having ulcers and overdoses and such, because it can be recorded and used to scare people away from these drugs.

But with HPPD, if you say you have tracers and VS and after images, most people will think it's cool.

If we can prove that HPPD damages our brains and be like Alzheimer's where basically you just wait for your neurons to die, that might change the public opinion.

Me as an example, I heard about HPPD and flashbacks when I started using acid, did this stop me from using it ? Of course not ! I thought that this only happens to others, mainly people that are predisposed to schizophrenia and whatnot.

The other problem is, as you said, the glorification of the drug. Famous youtuber PsychedSubstance makes videos on psychedelics. He keeps talking about harm reduction, test your drugs, 25i-NBOMe etc etc, but he underestimates the risks psychedelics involve.

He says that flashbacks are very rare and just PTSD, while he says HPPD is something claimed by attention-whores but nothing to be worried about. In fact, it might not even exist. Harm reduction ? Yeah right.

So if we want people to take HPPD (and psychedelics) seriously, we should focus on proving HPPD damages our brains in a serious way and let the public know that LSD and similar drugs are not safe. As Dr. A. said, LSD is like russian roulette, but with drugs.

When I heard LSD was physically safe, I told myself : Well it's probably mentally safe for me as well since I'm not crazy !

And all these youtube channels should stop glorifying drugs. Because in the end, you can call it a tool, an eye opener, a mind expander or whatever, it's still just a drug. It won't put food on the table at the end of the day, and won't pay your bills at the end of the month (but will make them more difficult to pay !).

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Dayum_son, I am afraid you are right. I had heard of the dangers of LSD before I took it. People learn the hard way too often! The pressure to belong to something daring and cool is very hard to resist when you are young. There may be some who heed the warnings.

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I have 2 grams of DTM, 2 grams of Changa, 2 grams of 4-ACO-DMT, and a $350.00 mininail arriving on Monday.
I am 51 years old, posted here yesterday, and the more I read the scarier it gets.  I am ready to just  throw it all out.

I just wonder if the DMT alone would be safe for occasional use, once every 2 months, but I have a feeling I will not hear the answer I want.
Thank god you someone created this site. 


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Worst case scenario, you'll end up with full blown schizophrenia...seen a few exemples recently, and it's not very recreational to this people i believe...  If you really want to meet Jesus or Buddha, well, maybe better to wait for your last day on this earth.

Enjoy your life , love and stay healthy, bro.

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I didn't really want to say it but episode 2 in your other post made me think of a typical schizophrenia/psychosis episode. I would NOT touch that shit if I were you.

You're better off smoking joints than smoking DMT if you really want to get high off something.

Or stick to just drink a few beers and get a little drunk from time to time and keep it that way. 

To all the people who want to consume psychs, I'd say do not try them until we found a successful and one-size-fits-all treatment for HPPD.

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