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Hey guys,

My doctor prescribed me lamictal yesterday and as pretty much all of you know, it's one of the more highly regarded medication out there for this condition.

My hppd is actually very bearable, the only time I struggle is when I'm alone in the house where the lsd trip happened, which leads me to a few questions.

If I decide to take it, and my hppd gets better/worse/stays the same, if I stop taking it will I return to baseline? Has anyone else taken this med? 

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This is my second day on it.

I definitely feel different, I feel like I'm a little bit more "there" but at the same my visuals are a little worse and I'm slightly agitated.

I don't know if it's supposed to get worse before it gets better or what. Having mixed results currently.

It's also doing something weird with my mouth.

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I find it interesting that lamotrigine makes your visuals worse since the only chemical that completely corrected my visuals was oxiracetam 

It is my belief that much of the visual issues that coincide with HPPD are due to decreased activity at glutamate receptors. Whether this is due to malfunctioning receptors or previous loss of receptors I can't say...

Oxiracetam (and other racetam derivatives except keppra) also screwed me up permanently when I tried to come off it cold turkey. I don't recommend it to people because of this. 


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