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Has anyone been cured?


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Well, It's near month 8 and I still have static vision, after images, shutters, and floaters. I'm determined that I might live with a slight bit of hppd permanently. Mental illnesses like this shouldn't be permanent, I'm sick and tired of this. Even though this only intensifies at times, I shouldn't be living with this for the rest of my life if I abstained from psychedelics this long. Somebody should of warned me about hppd, then I wouldn't of done all that shit. I have ignored it at times when it's barely present, I still shouldn't have to live with this. IF ONLY there was something that could completely diminish visual disturbances, cause i hate living with this. I want to be normal, c'mon there's gotta be a way! Aside from that has anyone been cured? Cause I'm losing hope!!

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I hear what you're saying.  This is the way I look at it.  If I were to lose a leg, or lose my eye sight, or get cancer then what would I do?  I'd go through a phase of "this isn't fair" which I did when I realized that I had this disorder.  I think that's a normal reaction.  There are certain things we can do like staying sober and taking care of our bodies.  However, there are some things we just can't change.  For me it was a matter of saying "I'm living my life and I'm doing it regardless of the hand I've been dealt".  

Give yourself some time.  My psychedelic use was rather extreme but over time certain symptoms have moderated significantly.  There is always hope.

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"Somebody should have warned me about HPPD," is why some form of public advocacy and awareness should be a top priority for this community. If I knew this was possible I never would have taken the acid that gave me this in the first place. 

I know exactly how you feel Danny. I've been there so many times before I can't even count. I remember closing in on Year 1 and my symptoms were still a completely nightmare every single waking moment and I pretty much broke inside and lost all hope. Well, a year and a half later I'm not fully healed but I'm on the way and life is at least enjoyable at times again. Unfortunately eight months is nothing in the scope of recovering from HPPD. This is a very long and slow process and you really have to give yourself years in order to heal. It sucks, but there's not much of an alternative. Probably the biggest thing that helped me turn the corner was eating healthy and exercising regularly in combination with meditation, therapy, staying busy and all the other good stuff. 

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Agree with @MadDoc .... there comes a point where you have to try and get past the "why me" feelings, it's just negativity that will feed hppd.

There was no internet about when I was doing lsd, and even I had heard risks about "permatripping".... Everyone knows there is some inherent risks with drug taking... we got unlucky in some respects, sure... But I have seen people go onto the likes of heroin addiction, then crime, prison, death... i;ve seen people get full on psychosis from mdma, far worse then even the worst hppd... So maybe getting hppd before the drug taking got out of control is actually lucky, in some ways. If you go on to a full recovery, you may look back on this part of your life as the greatest lesson.

It's all about perspective.

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Hey mate,

I've had HPPD for over 4-5 years but at this moment I am fully recovered. I focused on doing exercises and eating healthy that time.

I continued drinking alcohol and smoking weed with no increase of my HPPD symptoms.


I noticed the following HPPD symptoms when HPPD was a part of my life:

- Brainfog

- Visual snow (I still have VS but it's reducded by 80% or so)

- Sensitive to lights. *Driving at night was HORRIBLE* (The same sensitive to lights you get from psychadelics.)

- Eye pressure, for example, when I sat behind the computer I would get horrible headeaches and eye pressures)

- Trails

- After imagines


I even continued using psychadelics and serotonin based drugs.  Luckily with no increase of my HPPD symptoms.

I also haven't used medication to get rid of the HPPD since I wasn't depressed or anxiety.

I literally have no idea why the HPPD did got better, but maybe this will help you going through these horrible times.






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8 months isn't that long for HPPD.  I haven't taken psychedelics in over 10 years and still have some HPPD symptoms.  I'm pretty sure at this point, at least for me, that I'll probably always have some.  The brain won't go back to how it was.   Good news is though that the brain can re-adapt causing symptoms to lesson over time to where you won't think about them.   My experience is that this lessening only happened after giving up trying to cure my HPPD and just dealt with my obsessions with it.  

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