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Hi everybody,

I'm from Spain and im soffering this fucked shit HPPD since I was 15 yo. To the beginning i had several mild psychotic attacks. These were horrible, but suddenly they went.

First symptoms were vs, halos, flashes, ed, low libido,depressión, anxiety, dp/Dr, panic attacks,... 

Nowadays i have a  regular Life. I have a good job, i try don't to think about HPPD, i have girlfriend, but i feel that i have to give another Big step because we wanna hace childs and everyday since 10 years ago i take 1 pill of lorazepam and 1/2 of deprax, just to leave me sleep 6-7 hours at least. I want to leave them because i feel memory loss and other bother sympthoms. And because i want todo face It without drugs. 

As well i would like to know if someone else has soffered ed even to with Viagra. I don't know if it's a secondary HPPD effect, but i would bet for It. What do you think?

My BEST wishes for all. I'm sure we can get much better and cure this shit. 

Sorry about my english.

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Similar story to me... Had mild hppd from 13 or 14, then severe from 17... i'm now 40. My advice would be to taper down from lorazepam before thinking about starting a family... After 10 years, it could be a hard, long and stressful battle (sorry to scare you, but it is likely).

Good luck, i hope things work out and you can enjoy your family.

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I got married young and had kids in my mid-20s.  This was when my symptoms were at their worst.  I was also going to college full time and working part time.  My wife was also a full time student and working part time.  Having to be focused and moving all the time is what kept me pulled together. Otherwise, I think every atom in my body would have disintegrated.

I'm not trying to say "hey it's easy" or that I'm somehow special.  I'm nobody special, trust me.  All I'm saying is that it's possible to have kids and raise them with this disorder.

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