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Does anyone have HPPD without pupil dilation?

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I've always noticed my pupils have been constantly dilated since getting HPPD but as my symptoms have improved they've shrunk correspondingly, so that essentially the worse my symptoms the more dilated my pupils are. So my question is: Does anybody have HPPD -- specifically more severe symptoms like morphing, DP-DR, long streamers, etc. -- and not have dilated pupils? 

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Well I'm about a year and a half in now and these days I struggle more with the DP/DR, fatigue, dizziness and headaches/pressure. Ive been dealing with somewhat of a setback for the last 2 months due to secondhand smoke (at least I think it was that) so my visuals have been slightly worse. So at the moment visually I deal with:

-Light visual snow. Easily ignorable at this point, only really see it in certain lights or when Im having a bad day

-Light negetive afterimages. Mostly caused by light sources or sometimes text against backgrounds with an opposing colour.

-Slight morphing. This one returned after the pot exposure even though I hadn't experienced it in over a year. In fact, its not really morphing, my vision does this thing where it moves from side to side slightly.

-Streaks of light created by bright lights. This is my most annoying symptom and really winds me up when im outside at night. Any time I blink, I get like a laser connect to my eye from the light source. Really pisses me off haha

-Very mild occasional ghosting of bright lights

-Motion blur. Sometimes hard to focus on things that are moving fast or if I move my phone in the dark, I dont really get tracers and never have but it blurs whilst its moving. Think this might related to DP/DR

-Bouncy, and sometimes choppy vision. This had got so much better before the setback but has made a swift return.

-Floaters and other shit when I look at the sky. Annoying but doesnt really bother me.



In the first 5 months or so I had really bad visual snow, morphing and movement of objects, moderate negetive afterimages (never had positive ones) and extreme mental symptoms to the point where I felt like I was living in a dream, cried all day every day, could barely get out of bed etc etc. Despite this I've never noticed an issue with my pupils






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Huh, interesting. A lot of people have reported pupil dilation but I guess it just goes to show how wide ranging HPPD is and how it varies with each person in every case. 

Speaking of second-hand smoke, I have tickets to go to a concert next week but I'm starting to wonder if I should even go since I know there's gonna be tons of second-hand pot smoke. I just don't think it's worth it even though I've had the tickets for a year and paid a lot for them. 

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The second hand smoke thing is weird to be honest man. Theres been a few occasions when I'd been around someone smoking but it never effected me at all. I had been quite ill with tonsilitus a few weeks prior and that had increased my visuals somewhat anyway, And I was under a lot of stress from writing my dissertation, so its likely I was in somewhat of a weakened state.

Also, it doesn't really make that much sense, I was outside and not exactly stood over the joint breathing it in. You would assume the majority of THC is breathed in by the user and that any THC coming off the end would dissapate into the air. So essentially I probably breathed in about a 10th of a toke or something.

Its frustrating though, I understand, Its just so risky doing anything. I guess if the concert is indoors then it plays a higher risk. Who were you going to see out interest?

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Tom Petty at Red Rocks. There's always massive amounts of pot floating about no matter who's playing so I'm just not sure that's the best environment to be in even though it is outside. I really just don't think I could handle a set back after how hard I've worked for the last two years to get where I'm at. 

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Just wanted to bump this to point something out...

I've noticed recently that my eyes are moving faster. When I first got HPPD it was as if my eyes were frozen inside my head. They couldn't move hardly at all. This is of course quite unsettling considering how lightning fast our eyes are made to move when healthy. I've also noticed that my pupil dilation (and all my symptoms really), afterimages and streamers are connected to how fast I can move my eyes as well. So basically I started off with blown pupils where my eyes could hardly move at all and as time has progressed my pupils have shrunk which corresponds to an increased ability to move my eyes a certain speed as well as a decrease in the length and duration of afterimages. 

Clearly this all ties to some sort of nerve inside my brain, likely the optical nerve or oculomotor nerve or whatever else controls eye movement. This of course doesn't explain HPPD entirely since many symptoms aren't visually related (tinnitus, brain fog, etc.), however I can at least pinpoint a visual aspect of HPPD that seems to be a big aspect of this condition. 

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