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Just got back from my qEEG and I have to say I feel much more informed and confident about what's going on with me. It confirmed a lot of my suspicions and he said just by looking at it I should be adjusting my dopamine levels.

Some of what he was able to tell was so dead on accurate it was freaky and he had never heard of hppd before.

I'm getting the results and the audio of our visit emailed to me and I may post them up.

I highly recommend Getting a qEEG to everyone

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Here is my qEEG for anyone interested in watching it

Looks like I'm going to be tackling dopamine. What dopamine meds have decent track record? I tried sinemet but for 2days only. I would try it again.

I know adderall is out is there anything else anyone can think of?

I am praying I might be on the right track finally to gaining some of my life back

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Well that sounds like something medicine can treat, when do you plan on tapering down more? Have your visuals changed?

My visuals are still insanely bad. Been very derealized and dizzy lately. My whole body feels like I've been run over by a truck.. I might increase the lamitrogine actually in conjunction with a dopamine med. and then decrease again if I'm more stable with my dopamine levels in check.

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