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New to HPPD. Only mild symptoms. Should I quit psychedelics for good?

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Hello everyone. I'm new here. I got HPPD from tripping too much acid. Right now all I have are visual snow and eye floaters, but at first I was dealing with:


- paranoia-inducing head buzzing (strangely perceived as a sound, but not really a sound)

- distortions in the center of my vision (looked kinda like this but it moves fast: http://i.imgur.com/wEze83V.png )

- sharp pains in my ears (too rare to be serious, but it did happen at times)

- insomnia (all of the above would suddenly attack at once every time I tried to fall asleep, specially when stoned, and even more specially when stoned AND drunk)


All of these symptoms are toned down versions of the torturous feelings I felt during my last trip. That wasn't even the 7 hits trip, it was a 1.5 hits trip which was way more physically painful.


I've read that once you have HPPD you should stop taking all psychedelics, even take a long break from weed. But is this permanent? Should I stay away from acid for good, or is it safe to just wait a few months/years? Is it safe to do it again if my symptoms go away?


I can't believe I'm asking this after all I've been through. I had a hell of a couple of weeks dealing with the initial symptoms and I'm still a little bummed out about them eye floaters. I almost cried when I realized how bad the eye floaters are (when I looked at my lawn covered in patternless, bright white snow). The worst part of it all was not knowing if it would go away. I'm glad it did and I don't EVER want to go through anything like that again, but at the same time I do want to trip balls. In other words, what's the risk factor for me here, in your opinion(s)? I tripped between weekly and bi-weekly for about 5 months before this happened, and the bad trips only started after I took the tolerance break. My last trip before the break was 15 hits (around 1.65mg) and I had a good trip, albeit by that point I had such a high tolerance I wasn't getting that many visuals anymore (which was the main motivator for taking the break).


Thanks in advance!

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When I was 17 I took LSD and had some hppd that went away. I thought it was a normal effect that always lingered and goes away. The last time I took LSD the lingering effects have lasted 25 years. your choice


This are the signs to quit for sure and its even posible you wil develop full hppd even you stay clean so the point is to stop before more damage

I was afraid it was going to be something like that. Guess I'll pack all the good things I learned from LSD and move on. It was definitely a fun period of my life that I'll never forget.

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my hppd started after hundereds of trips of all kinds of psychedelics..its a very hard decision i always wanted to trip again since my hppd is gone but now i get panic attacks from heavy drug trips and even though my hppd never came back im so afraid of the panic attacks that i only take strong drugs in low doses and weak drugs in medium dosages....


but i definately know what youre talking about im missing so much to see the world through my third eye again...call me a freak


you must do what you love...listen to your inner voice...its a calling...i went through hell and thought i would never touch any drug again but even if i had to do a lot of hard work.for it...these days im enjoying weed again and low doses of other substances :D


no matter which way you choose to go...good luck

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Just a side note.... Also think very hard about staying away from other drugs like mdma, cocaine etc.... They can make hppd seriously worse.


You are now playing russian roulette with your mental health... Is 8 hours of enlightenment worth the possibility of a life time (i'm 21 years into my hppd life now) of mental anguish?


Go sober for a few months, maybe if it starts to subside, you can enjoy a joint or to, here and there (which I would kill for!)


For now though, use the teaching LSD gave you to better your life, get in touch with nature, meditate etc ...

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