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L-Arginine and L-Citrulline

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(Off topic) Visual can help me? What's your experience with Wellbutrin? Does it work and does it aggravate hppd? Also do antidepressants make you feel worse before you feel better?


Wellbutrin was the first dopamine med tried.  Low dose (75mg/day am) helped but a week later when going to twice a day (150mg/day) it was too agitating.


As for SSRIs, they didn't help and some caused bad anxiety.  


SNRIs (Effexor) caused seizures and cognitive loss (ability to perform complex tasks) that took years to recover.  


Tricyclics helped for a day or two but generally had some visual negatives.

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ive got some second thoughts on arginine.  I didnt give it a proper chance before.  So i thought i would give it a go again after all this time.   I took it and felt drowsy so next day took at night but in morning felt good, fairly clear and energised.  This drowsy response went after a couple of days so now take in morning and night.  It seems to give me more focus and general stamina, like i don't feel like going for a nap when i get home from work, and feel enough motivation to do things like tidy up a bit.

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