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  1. This is nardil, an old MAOi, most of you know how the mao protein works, it prevents overall breakdown of all neurotransmitters. This one in specific has a special effect on gaba and works as a longterm benzo
  2. I don't think the mdd part is important, for us it could be more benefitial for anxiety, and for siezure patients in general. Minus the 34,000 cost of course
  3. @VisualDude https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3139029/
  4. Found this on another site; First off, a basic explanation of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone); it is an androgen (male sex hormone), like Testosterone, which rather than promoting the growth of muscle mass directly (tissue-acting), it acts via intracellular (in the cell) mechanisms to increase strength and metabolism. DHT is not very anabolic, but it is Androgenic, and thus meaning, it promotes masculine characteristics (such as a deeper voice, and growth of facial hair, body hair etc) (1). DHT has a bad rap, since it has been claimed to cause an enlarged prostate, but if you follow the
  5. https://www.medpagetoday.com/neurology/seizures/83503 AED that works on both Sodium Channels & Gaba-a receptors, sounds like it has the benfits of keppra + benzo perhaps?
  6. Hah, I went to 6 doctors and I was "within range" Basically had the t levels of a 60 year old male and I am 27. Doctors are a joke when it comes to hormones anyway, my endo told me his protocol would've been 200 MG every 2 weeks!!??? Thats 1 giant injection with a 4.5 half life meant to last 14 days??? Lol, they have no clue how to use hormones. That does more harm than good as hormone fluxuations that broad are not good for you. I personally inject small doses everyday to mimic daily production and to keep hormone levels steady. Anyway I went out of pocket and I pay a US based Tel
  7. Very interesting video on migraines, centeral sensitivity, and estradials effect on the cns
  8. Are you a female? Anastrazole will only lower your estradial (e2) which wouldn't do much to benefit you. Infact it could make you feel worse, visuals would be the same. I have tons of estrogen blockers and they are useless unless attemping to keep e2 under control while raising testsoterone, if you are a male consider expierementing with testosterone/dht. When you begin exogenous test you halt endogenous production, shutting down your htpa. Idk if this is good or bad but I use dhea and pregnenolone to supplement my other hormones. It is possible to use hcg to keep lh and fsh up. If you wa
  9. Are they a no go for us hppd guys? I suffer more so from the dpdr and anxiety than visuals.
  10. Interesting concoction, I hope its getting better. Ik how devastating it all is.
  11. The ego death and spiritual awakening is a big part of this, its the philosophy that got you here. Its a farse. You can now see that these things other people make claims to are actually just drug induced brain damage. All i can say is it takes time, no drugs, lots of therapy, jump on some sedative meds to help you cope for a bit. You have to kind of accept it and live with it, the more you fear it the more you feel it. Why? Because when you fear something you signal your amygdala to look for that threat, and since its there 24/7 and your amygdala will sense it 24/7 it wont leave until yo
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