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Cognitive hppd symptoms

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Aside from the visual shit...what type of mental symptoms does everyone suffer with? I'll start with mine:

Severe cognitive impairment

Unable to register shit thru my brain

Trouble with judging distance when driving

Never feeling like talking

Shit memory

No sense of time

Random meaningless thoughts or scenarios sometimes go thru my head

Hard to control impulses

Extreme mental slowness

Unable to learn new shit especially motor skill activities

Poor body coordination in relation to other people

Clumsiness and frequently bump into things

A sense of being in another planet far far away from reality and people

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Definitely can relate to being more clumsy. Also have some short term memory problems like trouble remembering names, words, details, thing I want to do, things I`m supposed to do at the split second I try to recall those things. Do cognitive problems get better for most people?

They have a new form of therapy for people suffering from Alzheimer's that has shown improvements. Maybe it can work us? http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/complex-therapy-reverses-alzheimers-memory-loss-100214.html

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Let me start with a few of these and tell you what I have been experiencing these past few weeks. First I would like to say I have experienced everything you mentioned and most of it to the extreme. Now..... I haven't been able to learn new things, it is very hard for me to grasp the concept of things now, I just feel like I am unteachable. I can't put thought into words and that is if I am even lucky to have thoughts. Someone could literally be talking to me and I would hear nothing they would be saying, nothing would register. I am constantly losing shit, drives me nuts. Now anyways, I have been taking Piracetam for almost 3 weeks now at 4.8 grams 3x daily and can say without a doubt that it is helping with memory. I am by no means perfect but it is getting manageable. I honestly can't wait to see how this works after 3 months of continuous use. Also I am the guy who for whatever reason bumps into walls every time I turn a corner, have shaky hands(noticeable shaky hands), and no coordination. I am sure the few products I am currently taking right now are helping me somewhat with these problems but for the past few weeks at work I have been playing ping pong a hour or so a day with another employee. At first we both sucked but me more. Couldn't hit the ball when it was hit towards me, couldn't keep my eye on it, had zero reaction and was just plain horrible at it. Now after a few weeks I must say we have gotten pretty good at it. I can hit it harder than when I started, make some amazing plays that are just out of reaction, can predict where he is going to hit before he even hits and all that good stuff. I am not sure if this is connected or what but my coordination has seem to gotten a lot better since starting ping-pong. Maybe find something that involves coordination of both hands and eyes but also the rest of your body and practice it until you get better at it. That coordination you gain at whatever it is you're doing ping-pong or whatever may stick with you on other obstacles weather it is walking or picking something up. Also you get the sense that you are on another planet far far away from people, I live on a different planet(reality) then the people around me do, completely fucking strange when you have dp/dr and for whatever reason this is my train of thought and also my visual perception. Last thing I got is the social anxiety or depression part of it, where you don't feel like talking to anyone. I totally relate to this, I don't talk to anyone really unless it is a requirement such as paying for gas or talking with people at work. I do catch myself talking to strangers if approached but prefer not to. For me honestly every stranger is a new experience and I can never master that experience since it is a new stranger each time but the people I see multiple times a week I force myself to try to talk to them even if it is short and sweet and over time you get use to them and feel more confident and then conversation flows more freely. Trust me, I have a speech impediment because I can't form thoughts or put them into words plus the anxiety doesn't help but after you put yourself in that position a few times you get use to it and don't let the anxiety bother you so much. I guess that really covers the anxiety part of it, if you aren't talking to people because you are depressed that is pretty tough. Really you have to work on your depression first imo compared to anxiety you just got to get use to the situation. Maybe do something that perks you up before going into a social environment like you said you enjoy working out and it makes you feel good, maybe work out and then get social.


Well that is all I got, time for bed lol


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My worst symptom is just a feeling of tripping and being right on the edge of sanity. Not sure which term covers that one, probably dp/dr


The visual stuff pales into insignificance compared to that.


Strangely though, from your list, the one thing I don't have a problem with is mental slowness .... I seem to be the opposite, in overdrive... My mind is constantly active, bombarding me with new ideas, problems, solutions etc etc. It's almost like I am just viewing a stream of conciousness that I am not even a part of.

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