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doing my best to understand what DP is...


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For me, depersonalization doesn't happen much anymore just derealization. Dp for me was when I just felt fake, i couldn't even recognize myself, was more mental. Dr for me is when the physical world seems fake and for me everything looks plastic. I have dr 24/7 and when the dp kicks in all hell breaks loose. It is like being inside a dream, like you feel like everything, including yourself, is a dream. That is how it is for me at least.

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It is something i've always struggled to understand too.


I often feel like my mind is floating off outside of my body... I guess that is DP? Or I will look down at my body and not really feel like it is part of me.


I actually have a technique of shaking my head really hard, when this happens.... Kind of bring me back into myself. I sometimes pinch my arm real hard too.

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