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ways to get through mornings

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Mornings are hard, I have gotten more used to them. Just try to do things that push your symptoms to the back of your mind. For me, I have a smart phone, my number one savior, I go online. Read things, do things until my symptoms go back to baseline. Best of luck.

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I'm sipping coffee as I make this comment. I know it's bad, but I don't do any alcohol or drugs any more. Maybe one day I'll quit this too. No coffee after noon though. Mornings are still kind of a shock for a while after I wake up. I'm lucky I am retired so I play guitar and it kind of grounds me. I generally stay away from chaos as much as I can. It's getting better. I also have a time in the evening when I'm tired sometimes a little panic sets in, but now I'm kind of prepared before it happens. Taking a warm bath helps a lot and maybe watching a movie. Be gentle with yourself.

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I find my nights worse then mornings. Although for the first 20ish minutes in the morning I am in quite a foul mood and have all the symptoms of being drunk (blurred vision, stumbling, etc.)

My nights are filled with static obscuring my sub-par night vision, shadows morphing into threatening figures, and CEVs preventing sleep

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