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The big "if": Coluracetam trial

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I'm expecting to receive Coluracetam within 2-5 hours, or so the shipment tracking informs me.
I'm very nervous (!). I would hate to have gotten anyone's hopes up for nothing..
Anyway, figured I'd just open this thread already. I'll be keeping a hand-written journal throughout my trial.

I honestly have no clue to what extent the effects will be, if present at all. As previously discussed, effects should be noticed within hours to days, but of course in the case of HPPD it could be different, and possibly require a higher-than-average dose. Depending on the effects, it could very well be that I won't update until tomorrow, which should be taken as a good sign. But I do plan to update tonight.

Today I've only taken 500mgs of Keppra. I might take some sublingual vitamin B, but other than that I will abstain from the substances I've been playing around with lately. My first dose of Colu will be 10mgs sublingual upon receiving it. If no effects apparent within 3 hours, I'll do another 10mgs, if no effects after that, I'll call it a night.

I don't know what else to add.... Wish me luck!

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Well the stuff smells like speed and has a caramel color.. Wtf. Oh well. I was messing around with my new scale trying to calibrate it.
In any case, I'm about to start testing it out. I don't know about the weird smell, but I figure 10mgs of speed wouldn't really be harmful, also I have benzo's handy.
Dodgy shit haha! Supposedly odorless and "crystalline white".

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Haha! Ok well I took the 10mg dose approximately 20 minutes ago now. Not sure what I'm feeling, or if anything at all.
I'll update once I can say for sure I noticed a change. Do feel a bit hungry, but I barely had a breakfast. Cognition hasn't improved.
I think I might just try to take a nap and see what happens :P

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Where PIRACETAM and the other RACETAMS are pretty much all WHITE in colour, I could not but help notice how COLURACETAM's appearance is quite a bit different, in that it has a distinctly yellowy cream colour, as opposed to being pure white as per the other RACETAMS.



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Thanks Ghormeh, I figure his color perception would be different perhaps haha :P Indeed cream yellow it could be described, but I find it more a light caramel.
Anyway nothing adverse so far.. I'm gonna give it a while before I update again, wouldn't want to be hyperfocussing or overobsessing about any effects, let alone make any premature statements. Just gonna have a smoke and sit on the porch and try to chill out a bit..

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Well here's a quick update:

I feel stimulated. I just cleaned up the apartment I live in, which usually I don't care for doing. Strange. Wasn't really expecting or hoping for stimulation, but whatever.
Can't say this isn't placebo or anything, but I found it noteworthy.

Other than that I do feel different, but I'm not sure I can place it. Well I'll take another 10mgs in an hour and see what happens.

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Well like I said I'd hate to give any premature statements.. But I'm pretty sure I do feel different.

However my mind was/is so set on this being the correct treatment, that that may be a confounding variable of course.
Thus, I will need some time to be absolutely certain. Indeed I hope that benefits will be cumulative!

Cleaning up just seemed to go faster/easier/less of a drag.

Anyway, I'm frowning a lot, which to me is a good sign haha :P Feel like I'm thinking differently in a way.
Again: still have a lingering anxiety that this just may be bullshit of my mind :P I'm just updating 'cause I know you guys are probably as curious as I am, but I rather wait until I can go "Holy fucking shit it works" and be 100% sure about it, before making any conclusive statements.

Anyways, taking another dose in half an hour... Hopefully that'll tell me more.

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I just came back from a walk in the park. Right now I'm feeling frustrated though. Guess that's just from seeing my mother, who's name is synonymous with anxiogenesis for me. Damnit I wish I could just have a freaking week by myself haha! And also people in my surroundings are asking me "Is it working yet? Is it?", which is, to be honest, very annoying. I just want to say: "I don't know, leave me the fuck alone so I can find out please :)"

Anyway, it's hard to describe what I experienced today. Also, I think it might be wearing off at this moment. However, I remember thinking: "This is unusually strange, but strangely good!". Though as soon as I walked into this apartment my mood took a distinct dive downwards, but before that I was feeling remarkably good. Could've been co-incedence, but for me this apartment (or anywhere my mother is for that matter) has "depression" written all over it, whether I'm feeling normal or not. My walk in the park was awesome though.

Yes I still have visuals Chris. I don't expect them to disappear overnight. However I did notice I was just seeing differently, as if I was perceiving more. Also, it felt as if my eyes were adjusting in a good way. Don't know how else to put it for now.
When I said I expect benefits to be acute, what I meant was that effects should be noticeable rather quickly, but probably will be cumulative. Hence, I wasn't surprised that my visuals didn't magically disappear, moreover didn't really care much as the mental/cognitive part seemed to be improved significantly.

Anyway, I had a great time in the park. I felt anxious here and there, but there were also parts of the walk where I did not.
I sat down in these lounge chairs with fake grass on them (pretty awesome stuff), and just felt good. I can't really explain it, moreover it seems that it's a state-dependent memory type of this, so I don't remember it that well. But I do know I was feeling more normal, and I smiled unusually frequently and it felt genuine, which surprised me. I felt as if I was "adjusting" if that makes sense.

Like I said, I think it's wearing off now for one reason or the other.. Could also be environment-related (I think so.. plus the sun just set. Note: I still saw afterimages of the sun etc.). But I definitely noticed a change, though I can't yet put my finger on it and still don't like to claim anything prematurely. I just wish I could've stayed in the park longer.. Not a great place to be at night, but during the day it's ok.

I don't know if that's of any use to you guys haha! But that's all I can say right now really. My last (the second) dose was at 18:45 at 12mgs (didn't feel like messing around too much). It's now 21:05, and I've been home for about half an hour, so that means... means I walked pretty fast! But also that effects lasted almost 2 hours.. Would've thought it to last longer, but maybe I'm just tired and that's a confounding variable (I do feel pretty tired).

Only adverse effect that may have been attributed to Colu was dry mouth, but it was also pretty hot and I didn't bring anything to drink. And possibly the frustration I'm having now.. though I doubt it.

Anyway, I did *feel* different. But now it seems as if nothing ever happened (feeling back to baseline). But I doubt it was placebo.

Going to take another 10mgs in 35 minutes, so it'll be 3 hours apart again. I might try 20mgs tomorrow already, I might not.. Have to give it some thought.
What I do know is that I'm going to wake up early tomorrow so that I'll have much more time by myself and less interruption and irritation.

EDIT: I'll try to make the next update while feeling the effects. Probably would be easier to convey.

EDIT 2: I'm not going to take the third dose tonight. I'm tired and I want to sleep. Tomorrow is probably a better day anyways, with more time for myself etc.

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Damned backspace, haha.
No worries Chris. Trust me, if I notice any substantial reduction in visuals that I can confidently confirm, I'll let you guys know a.s.a.p. ;)
And indeed Merkan I wasn't expecting any poof-gone-magic effects either.
Cool Syntheso! Yeah I've been trying to keep it mellow because I don't want anyone to get overexcited like I did about this haha :)

Anyways.. Yesterday when I came home I don't know what happened really.. Could've been some kind of rebound effect from it wearing off.
I was frustrated, and I felt pretty badly depressed when I went to bed (unlike my usual "fuck living this way" moods which aren't too bad).
Just feeling very shitty. Felt totally drained and too tired to think rationally.
Perhaps choline depletion or hypercholinergia? Yet to try it out. I wonder had I taken another 10mgs if that would've lifted or worsened..
But I wanted to play it on the safe side, because I was already feeling unwell.

Anyways, I forgot I'm not home alone today, quite the opposite actually. However upon waking this morning I am noticeably in less of a bad mood, and don't really mind that much.

I'm gonna take 10mgs in half an hour and see how that goes.. I just find it very strange how my mood was unusually high when in the park, and unusually low when I came home from there. Really don't want that to happen again, so I'm wondering whether I should just push through and take more when that happens, or if I should eat an egg haha. Perhaps supplement with ALCAR instead? I don't know. If it happens again, I think I'm just going to try and take another dose and hope that helps, and otherwise just call it a day and try choline or ALCAR supplementation the next day. Hopefully it just won't happen again!

I guess it'll be a bit of play and tug with this stuff as with all substances, but if I can get sustainable benefits from it without the mood-drop, then I'd really be interested to see what'll happen over the course of time. Also, I was already highly anxious about this yesterday, so maybe that just drained me from energy prior to using it, and that probably wasn't exactly beneficial to my mood last night.

Just some thoughts. If you've any to add, shoot :)

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