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  1. I know how u feel, i got the same thing LSD+MDMA=>HPPD/DP/DR/Depression... Have you been to a doctor? Anxiety and Depression are co-morbid illnesses and can be treated As for weed i'd stay away from that, it will only make things worse in the long run
  2. It's in the program of the Schmerzkongress 2013: http://schmerzkongress2013.de/files/2013/07/Schmerzkongress-2013-Programm_Internet.pdf The members of the visual snow support group on facebook are better informed than i am
  3. Hey Guys As some of you might already know there was a visual snow study going on in San Francisco (UCSF) under the supervision of Dr. Goadsby and Dr. Schankin this year. Well it seems that Dr. Schankin will release his findings on October the 25th in Hamburg, Germany at the Schmerzkongress 2013. I hope that they found something positive. Good thing for those who also have other visual symptoms, the study was not only focused on visual snow Here is an extract from the internal medicine news article: "...Results showed that in addition to visual snow, nearly all patients reporte
  4. http://www.imba.oeaw.ac.at/news-media/news/news/brains-on-demand/
  5. Hmm i was on Cipralex (Escitalopram) before and it did nothing then i switched to Elontril which is IMO much better in my case. The docs gave me Mirtazapine to counter-act the Bupropion side effects (i couldn't sleep well) and as an add on for the depression.
  6. Hey everybody i got a question I'm actually taking Keppra with ADs and i can say that there is some little improvement already but i couldn't tell which med did what. So can Sinemet and Keppra be taken together ? I have an appointment with my doctors tomorrow and wanted to ask you guys before cause the docs are very reluctant to try things they are not comfortable with. I might bring the study Dr. Abraham did and some positive members reports aswell. Thank You! Edit : Very disappointed with the doctors' decision. When i said that i would like to try something new they didn't even want t
  7. Did your symptoms only worsen temporarily? Anyway thank you for the quick answer. I think i'm gonna give it a try cause my depression is kinda treatment resistant but i'm gonna monitor my visual symptoms and eventually get off it as soon as i see any negative changes.
  8. Hey I'm currently in the hospital because of my depression (and HPPD/DP/DR) and i saw a new doctor today. She added Mirtazapine to my current meds cocktail (Elontril,Keppra,Zyprexa), i'm gonna take the first dose tonight, has anyone had good/bad experiences with it? To be honest i'm scared to try something new that could possibly worsen my symptoms. I know there are already two threads about it but i couldn't find a clear answer Thank You!
  9. Recently switched from Cipralex to Elontril (Bupropion) and upped the Keppra dose to 1000mg/day While i'm still on the starter dose of Elontril i can tell something changed. Visual still the same (my main symptom is visual snow) but i feel a good lift in the mood, more energy and focus. DP/DR also improved even if it's not gone.
  10. Scientists discover the molecule responsible for causing feelings of depression The Independant UK : http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/scientists-discover-the-molecule-responsible-for-causing-feelings-of-depression-8724471.html
  11. Sadly for us Researchers/Doctors/Scientist are more likely doing research on Cancer,AIDS,Alzheimer,Parkinson... or any other disease where they get funds from big pharma companies rather than HPPD. A lot of HPPD sufferers don't trust themselves to go to see doctors because they are ashamed or try to cope with it alone, those who go to the doctors are also often misdiagnosed. Most of us got HPPD through the use of illegal drugs so it's a bit our fault if we got it (at least it is what the society thinks). I agree with most of what you guys said. The article that what published in The N
  12. Thank you Actually at first i didn't know what was wrong with me so i believed them when they said that i had a psychosis :/ the doctors agreed to start the treatment only if i was under their supervision cause they didn't want to prescribe it for an off-label use and wanted to monitor the side-effects so that's why i'm in the hospital.
  13. Currently in the hospital for 2 weeks. I'm getting an EEG done tomorrow and will be starting with Keppra 2x250mg. Wish me good luck Quick Update 07/20/2013: 4th day on Keppra @ 2x250mg : i feel tired all the time, a bit more irritable and short-tempered. No changes concerning HPPD symptoms so far. 07/23/2013: Going to switch from Escitalopram to Bupropion because of the side effects. Still no change concerning Visuals/DP/DR
  14. http://fr.scribd.com/doc/138316970/keppra-evidencias-curativas
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