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  1. Thought I'd pop in to let you guys know that my NSI has arrived! Today's my second day on it and something's definitely happening in my head... It's hard to describe, it's not an especially pleasant sensation, just different. I'm feeling a little more anxious than usual but I think that's due to having taken NAC, which I think I might stop for the moment. I've only taken about 20mg each day so far, but I'm gonna cap some up for convenience and see how I go moving up to 20mg TID. Wish me luck! I'll keep you guys posted.
  2. Erm, I've finished the 5 grams I bought in December, so that's approximately 3 months at ~20mg TID. I wish I were able to describe my experience with it in depth, but my sensitivity to mild perceptual/cognitive changes is considerably lacking - I really ought to put more effort toward maintaining a diary, but the ebb and flow of motivation tends to restrict such pursuits. As mentioned above, I can attest to a subtle increase in happiness, a pleasant sensation of warmth, and reduction of anxiety immediately after dosing. Being off it I haven't noticed any lasting, noticeable improvement, unfort
  3. Hey man, if you're under 25 you should look into Headspace. They focus primarily on psychological services but will be able to point you in the direction of good, affordable psychiatrists/neurologists. Living near the BMRI I've been lucky enough to have gotten an MRI, EEG, sleep analysis, and extensive psychiatric consultion without paying a thing. None of it's really gotten me anywhere, but that's my brain's fault. If you're older they can probably still point you in the right direction, so they're probably still a better first resort than just asking your GP for a random referral. Good luck!
  4. Uhh, any reason you wouldn't just go for a B-Complex? There's no reason to just take one, your body needs all the B-group vitamins. Mega-dosing of individual B's tends to be reserved for particular conditions, illnesses, to supplement deficiencies from certain medications or diets, etc. AFAIK. B12 is a very common deficiency and it's very difficult to get too much so get that at minimum. Make sure you get methylcobalamin though - most supplements contain cyanocobalamin which has very poor bioavailability.
  5. I've always tended towards the more disheveled and disarrayed, and HPPD certainly hasn't done many any favours in that regard! Impaired organisational skills, lack of connection to the external world, general apathy/amotivation... Not sure exactly what the main factor is - probably a little of all of the above - but I really struggle to be as organised and fastidious as I'd like to be/used to be. I'll tend to let things get bad to the point that I can't stand them any longer, then do one big clean; lather, rinse, repeat. Crashing on some fairly dysfunctional relatives' couch at the moment - lo
  6. Hey. Thanks so much for the thorough response! I love reading your posts but I feel very poorly equipped to respond to them effectively, haha. Tianeptine definitely feels quite nice - distinct feelings of cosiness, warmth, being at-ease... Nothing groundbreaking, comedown kinda sucks but is easily avoidable... Really wish the worsening of aphasia symptoms weren't a thing, but it's subtle to the point that it's not a huge deal/possibly even just nocebo. I'm just afraid it might be contraindicated against uridine/CDP-choline, and I don't feel quite savvy enough to draw any conclusions from t
  7. Well I'm very excited for you! Got my fingers crossed. Incidentally, can I ask how your uridine trial went down exactly? Dosage, how long, did you use all the co-factors, etc. Mine just arrived today so I'll be starting with it tomorrow.
  8. Sounds like a good plan! Do you mean 10mg a day? Will you stop at 40mg for a single dose?
  9. I'm right there with you completely man. I'm such a songbird... Now the habit of singing aloud combined with having the snippets on repeat will have me around the house just singing out loud the one or two lines over and over... Pretty abnormal. Pretty embarrassing. It was the theme to "A Goofy Movie" earlier tonight after hearing it for the first time, ffs. "One way or another, together's where we both belong!" I'm always caught between instrumental music and vocal music... Vocals are distracting and get stuck, but at the same time make it easier to focus on and remember the music, so I t
  10. Keep us posted! Assuming you saw the post in the Longecity thread about adjusting the dose for the freebase form?
  11. One of the most upsetting things about HPPD for me is how difficult I find it to enjoy music. The combination of anhedonia and fucked up memory make it incredibly tough to have a good time of listening to music. It just doesn't prompt the same intense emotional response it used to... it's just kind of there, and I can't think about it properly, can't remember the song that came before, can't properly juxtapose it with other music or the artist's other works, etc. It used to be one of my biggest hobbies; I'd have something playing whenever I was able to, was always looking for new stuff, etc. N
  12. Yeah, I'm familiar with that study. A sample size of 1 doesn't doesn't really give me much faith in it. Also, presumably at the 4 month point she'd seen at least gradual remission of symptoms, rather than none at all... Pretty damn confident I'm just not a lamictal responder, unfortunately.
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