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  1. Started with visual snow. Then like you said I started to see shit moving text etc... Next came after images, color intensification, flashing lights when I close my eyes, dp/dr, disturbed sleep, and crippli wng anxiety. I'm glad to hear that things are mild right now. If I were you I would stay away from weed and for sure any other drugs as well. I understand how difficult it can be, but it's not worth it trust me.
  2. Psychosis can exist outside of Schizophrenia. Having a psychotic episode doesn't necessarily mean you have Schizophrenia, however, sometimes Hullucinogens can trigger this in some vulnerable people. It's good to hear that the antipsychotics helped with your delusions and voices. I wouldn't get hung up on terms, but would work with someone who is experienced in treating mental illness. Schizophrenia comes with a number of other symptoms besides voices and delusions.
  3. I guess I was just curious what one of these SPECT scans may be able show in regards to HPPD. I know they are using these scans to formulate treat other brain injuries and mental health disorders so I'm curious if it could aid in treatment for those who suffer from this as well. Probably a long shot, but you never know.
  4. Anyone had one of these scans and was it helpful in providing any information. I saw an old TED talk and was thinking about giving this a shot as I also suffer from mental health issues and it sounds like these people use these scans to help treat these disorders (mental health). Was curious if the scans may give insight into HPPD as well. Ted Talk Dr Daniel Amen SPECT Scan SPECT Scan Clinic Mayo Clinic
  5. Sounds pretty intense man. I'm sorry to hear your symptoms are as strong as they are. This forum isn't all that active. Maybe check r/hppd. Just don't smoke any weed or take Lions Mane as it's not some kind of miracle cure despite what advice the kids there may suggest.
  6. It also seems like there was a pattern of anxiety that occurred, sometimes very extreme anxiety, upon withdrawal which may have been a precursor to these changes. Or was just a coincidence.
  7. Appreciate the reply Jay. I kinda figured I was overthinking it. I'm still pretty new to this all and can get a little paranoid at times wondering if I've reached some kind of baseline or not. Thanks,
  8. Started coughing today and I started seeing intense stars. I've seen stars before while coughing or standing up or whatever throughout my life, but this was a real light show. They were really bright and lasted for what had to be a solid 30 seconds. I was concerned they weren't going to go away. I've never seen it this intense before the onset of HPPD. Anyone else had this happen? In my mind this makes absolutley zero sense. I was under the impression that the mechanics behind seeing stars was purely physical and directly related to pressure on the eye itself (Which I had just be
  9. @Ivanmalagon23 Benzos will put me to "sleep", but I still feel like shit the next day like I didn't get sleep at all. I'm like a month and a half into this and it's really taking it's toll. I have seriously not gotten a restful nights sleep since this started. I hope this symptom has calmed down for you. I know how terrible it can be.
  10. I hear where you're coming from @olivier24445 with this stuff it's one of those situations you could easily become paranoid trying to blame everything under the sun for causing symptoms/flare up. But as I stated in one of my posts I started having issue right after I was eating. I thought at first it was blood sugar or some shit, but this literally started with the onset of HPPD. I next thought it was Caffeine after reading a bunch of people have sensitivity to that on here. Cut that out, but still was seeing the same. Now I'm not so sure I fall into that category. All I can say is I
  11. Thank your the detailed breakdown @David28 It's funny you mention the food aspect. Ever since this started I've noticed I get "high" or an off feeling after I eat with an intensifying of my symptoms. I thought it was caffiene as I used to drink it when I ate, but there's definitely something else contributing to it. I'll have to pay closer attention to what I'm eating to see if i can single out what's triggering it. I really do appreciate all the input guys.
  12. My thoughts as a newcomer. I'm grateful sites like this exist. It's incredibly valuable considering the rare nature of this disorder and the fact that there is no one place you can go to get information regarding this disorder. Even though it's included in the DSM most doctors still have no clue and therefore don't know what may or may not make it worse. Of course you've got to use your best judgment when listening to opinions here (cue the bleach dude). Even if the forum isn't as active though it's still has been really helpful for me being able to search back and find what help
  13. I think i'm going to try to hold out for a little bit longer though.
  14. Thanks for the reply! I'm sorry to hear this affects you as well. Benzos seem to help in going to sleep, but I still feel exhausted the next day. Perhaps I should look into CBD
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