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  1. i can’t believe i haven’t looked at it this way yet!!! i’m in college to become a therapist, and i really hope to work with people with this disorder after reading this... wow! thank you for saying this cause if not i don’t think i would have looked at it in this light.
  2. you’re totally right about my anxiety brought me to this forum, which i stalked RELENTLESSLY for WEEKS before posting lmao. weed was a bit stronger for me after i tripped but i DO attribute this to being worried about hppd because i was 100% okay until i started worrying about hppd and then my heart would race a little. the thing is i study mental health which is why i think i’ve held onto hppd so tightly. as for never doing hallucinogens again, that’s a strong no for me. it was cool and all but i now know the dangers and my anxiety is WAYYY too high for that lmao. ive
  3. i do not think you’re wrong here. i am obsessively paranoid and have extremely high anxiety. i wanted to check with people who do deal with this disorder for some peace of mind is the best way i can describe it, now that i have heard all of this it really seems like i can put this matter to bed. when i say worrying about this disorder has consumed me, it really really has. i guess i was also wanting reassurance so that if i do choose to drink or some at a party or something in the future i wouldn’t be worsening something, ya know? thank you for your response i cannot tell you how much i
  4. i think it’s important to note that bpd has been very prevalent in my life, pretty much my whole life but REALLY was noticeable when i was about 12. i started smoking at 15 (way younger than i would EVER advise, but i was in a small town with no friends you know how it goes i’m sure) smoking was something that i just did because when i did i noticed that my emotions were that of a “normal person” it was just like taking paxil to help with anxiety because i also am obsessively paranoid (i gained this issue at 10) and thinking strangers were gonna kill me was not fun. so i was a constant weed sm
  5. jay, thank you so much. while i’ve been worried i’ve read a lot from you and your response means so much. have a great day!
  6. hi! don’t really know where to start. i will say that i have only taken lsd once, and while there were some tough moments throughout it nothing specific bothered me. i smoked a bit of weed during but nothing that made me feel bad, sadly i found out about hppd in the come down of my trip (i say sadly because it is CERTAINLY not the time to find out about this disorder) i didn’t have really any visuals on lsd but i took a pretty low dose from what i’ve read online, it wasn’t microdosing but it was a small dose. important things to note •i only have vision in one eye since
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