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6 years update


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hey friends!! 

its been awhile since i have logged in and posted, but i wanted to give an update on my hppd and my life. thinking back a few years when i first noticed my symptoms and how incredibly depressed i was, compared to where i am now is night and day. i have since transitioned and been sober for 6 years and i couldn’t imagine the joy and happiness i feel now. i still deal with some symptoms when i’m exhausted, slight static and maybe some shifts in shapes in my vision in the dark. otherwise though everything else is gone, and it all feels like a bad dream looking back. i’m thankful my attempt on my life was unsuccessful, i’m thankful everyday i stuck it out knowing things will get better. if you’re like past me in the depths of depression and anxiety and you feel like there is no way for things to get better, they will!! stay strong and be kind to yourself in your weakest moments. i am immensely thankful to jay1 for talking to me early on and giving me strength to keep going. I may not be active posting but i do read (serial lurker). stay strong everyone, things do get better. 


Take Care,


Holly ❤️

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Thanks for the post, it's great to hear these success stories! It really does seem like a lot of people who join do get better, to one degree or another, but having actual posts to back that up will really help any new sufferers that arrive here. 

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