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How does antihistamines/alimemazine effect hppd


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The title pretty much says it all. I've had some real bad insomnia the past months and that combined with the HPPD is a next level of hell to be in, so i'm thinking about trying alimemazine since i've heard and read that it's good for insomnia, but before i dare to try it i want to hear of other HPPD sufferers experience with it. Did it make it make the visual snow worse?

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This is a complicated question— more than you might think.


The lay answer— not particularly recommended. Anecdotally, older antihistamines such as hydroxyzine or Benadryl cause reactions in people with hppd. The flares can be quite serious. 

but then what about the non sedating? Claritin seems well tolerated. H2 is more complex, as it effects the immune system. 

At this point, I am convinced there is a subset of people with hppd that have it due to pathogenic infection— lyme, bartonella, even sibo that cause visual and emotional symptoms that might lead them to this website. Hppd isn’t very easily or well diagnosed by physicians, and most are self diagnosed. 

h2 antagonists alter the bodies own signaling foe cytokine release, without going into too much detail. It’s possible to see flares with it because of that. 

For sleep, Gabapentin, melatonin (if tolerated;  may cause depression), making sure you haven’t developed sleep apnea (I have since hppd). 

I was able to tolerate trazadone after I got hppd. That was a godsend. Do your own research, but I found that the negative reports are out there but are not permanent in their effects. 

I have found kava can work well too. Do not take with trazadone, you will create a drug in your brain mcpp in your brain normally with trazadone but it is quickly turned into a different metabolite. But when co infested with kava, you suppress the enzyme that turns mcpp into whatever it turns into. 

the effects of mcpp are unpleasant. I experienced this interaction firsthand and while it didn’t do anything permanent I was well recovered from hppd at the time and it still made my skin feel as if it was on fire. 

best of luck hall

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