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Different perspective on HPPD and how to go on with that knowledge...

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To me: I am 20 and have had HPPD since 4 years. I am from germany so please forgive my bad writing. 


So what can be said about HPPD? HPPD what I think is always 2 things: The visual and the feelings that come with it. The visual itself is neutral. You cant "feel" the visual. The visuals may trigger feelings but feelings=feelings, visuals=visuals, agree? 

Out of this understanding it doesnt matter how your eyesight is. The feelings (anxiety, anger, sadness, frustration) are the thing you need to put your energy on. You cant really help yourself clear the vision (it will happen by itself or never) but with your feelings you can do a lot. And the end of the journey may be a forfilling life...

Stop wasting all your time waiting for a medicament that will clear the eyesight. Even if smth like this comes out it wont make you feel any better. Break the illusion that your "bad" situation is only related to your eye sight. That is and will always be fake. Yeah having this condition in your vision isnt the best at all I understand but its not as huge as you make it. The real "problems" are somewhere else in you... trust me. 

And with that you could now start the process of self care! 

Start accepting yourself! Start taking yourself serios! Start trusting yourself again! 

My way was and is meditation (zen). But you can do anything. Yoga, therapy and and and... 

2022 is the easiest year to get depressed and sad and shit but also the easiest way to get happy and thankful! You legit just have to google how! 

If you dont start getting out of your comfort zone your whole life gonna be like this. Do you want that? 

Sorry for being so harsh. Best wishes. ^^

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Great post, i completely agree. I have always said that I believe hppd is usually a collection of disorders (visuals, anxiety, dpdr, depression). It is much easier to try to work on each disorder rather than trying to find a cure all. 

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Yeah it is important to accept the way your perception is right now and thats its often related to anxiety. When I am in stress I witness the change in perception and dr/dp. Also people who take xanax often have less 'problems with HPPD. Xanax most likely turns down your anxiety and anger and puts you into a chill mood. So working on your anxiety (of course without xanax ;) ) could maybe also better your perception. Especially derealisation I think. 


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