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Have I got HPPD??

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I do not know if UI have HPPD or the onset of it, so any advice would be most helpful.

I have, in the past 18 months, experimented with substances.  I really liked MDMA, but have used 2-cb as a good substitute.

MY 2-CB trip was usually on my own, and would take the form of 2 x pills over an evening.  Usually a whole 1, followed by another half after an hour or hour and a half and the second half after that.  I would come down and have no hangover effect after.

I decided, because of a new job that I will be starting in the new year to finally say good bye to my “trips” and sop over Christmas, I went on a binge.  Looking back, I know this is silly, but I did my “usual” trip as follows:

22nd Dec, 23rd Dec


27th Dec and 28th Dec

On the 28th I actually felt sick and threw up.  I was also got a cough, coughing up phlegm.  This has actually persisted the last few days.

I have, unlike past trips felt a “pressure” in my head, that can move around.  I have also experienced, what was a little worse, but now more mild headache on one side of my head.

The visuals I have experienced are moving words along a screen, swaying like waves.  They started to get better when I wasn’t wearing glasses, but with glasses they do appear to be worse.  It is now a week since my last dose and the visuals do appear to be getting better – they do get worse in the evening, or perhaps when I am concentrating on it.

I also get the feeling of cold breath coming through me and sometimes get feelings of euphoria still.

Last night I still felt a but of a tummy ache, and have been coughing.

I know fully that my binge was stupid, but part of me also wanted to get rid of all I had before the new year and start 2022 afresh.  That last dose seems to have really had a negative effect and seen symptoms I have not seen before.

I do not know if I have HPPD, or if this is just the body physically recovering from what I put it through.  Could the headaches be the brain trying to elicit some sort of recovery?

Any advice would be most helpful.  Thank You.

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I think it's way too early to tell. I would forget about hppd for a while and just focus on recovering from your recent drug use. Stay totally sober and try to de-stress as much as possible (including panicking about hppd).. See where you are at in a few weeks. 

I hope your current symptoms go away in a few days and that you can continue the year drug free, as planned. 

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I should have said that a few months ago, that I took 2-CB (usual dose for me x 3 in a week) and I experienced lingering visuals (wavy words, but none of the other symptom's I am describing - headache, pressure, nausea), but they did dissipate for the most part within 5 days.

When I feel the words move more strongly, I feel the head pressure too.

I guess it's great ti retrospect to say "playing with fire" and all.

I have been taking 5-HTP, and today got some Vit B and C following comments made on this forum.

I am trying to de-stress, and take on the advice as given above to not dwell on symptoms too much.

Not really knowing too much about substances, I am not sure how the body reacts to binges like I stated above, and there is little written that I can find about it sadly.



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